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April 12, 2024

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LGNovember 16, 2021

I’ve felt strongly our family should memorize The Proclamation to the Family. There are so many anchoring doctrines that help kids understand truths about these topics!

LindaNovember 16, 2021

Parents definitely need to concern themselves with their children's education. It is a more difficult thing to do in blue states. Don't allow this trash in schools or homes!! Even if it means you have to home school.

Becky S.November 16, 2021

I was surprised at some of the books my children had in their Utah school library too. The intense descriptions of sexual acts of minors in books for children was shocking. “These sources violate Utah obscenity laws found in criminal code and health education code.” They sure do and the first step is knowing what your child is reading and visit your library. Speak up, we don’t want our children being exposed to this illegal filth because someone else thinks it is appropriate for educating the young minds of our children. It is wrong and my children are precious to me as a parent. I don’t want them reading or being exposed to pornography. These books are against the law in Utah.

Jeff LindsayNovember 16, 2021

When I read about porn being promoted pn some of the databases you mentioned, I was skeptical. But using Duckduckgo to search, I searched for "Follett Destiny Discover parental complaints pornography" (without quotes) and quickly found an article from Nov. 11, 2021 in the Tennessee Star where a parental complaint at a school board meeting indicated that the Destiny Discover app, at least as set up for her child's school, was giving kids a list of recommended books that were highly inappropriate. The first page of recommendations or books near the top of the list were sources of great concern. It wasn't like there was a hidden book somewhere that a child would have to actively seek to get exposed to risque material, but rather, the databases seems to be pursuing an ugly agenda or promoting material that would be damaging to children. See Parents need to be alert and not naively assume that reasonable adults are in charge of what their child will be exposed to. Thank you for this valuable article!



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