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December 6, 2023

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CubbySeptember 24, 2021

Samoa did much the same, praying for protection from Covid in March 2020. The entire nation was invited to join. As a missionary, I choose to join them in unity and faith. The islands of Samoa are Covid free, and so am I. For me it has been an incredible experience as I have not only been protected, but the Lord has guided me in assisting my family who has gone through the experience of covid. I was inspired to make covid kits and deliver them, one two days before the entire family came down with it. They had just moved and thought they had nothing until they opened the box. For one person who had it, I was inspired to purchase an air filter. I was even inspired as to exactly which air cleaner I was to purchase. As I brought it home, I wondered why. There was no need for it. Then about a week later the fires hit both Idaho and Utah. Compromised lungs for my family were blessed and I knew why the prompting. When the vaccines came out I prayed yes, or no. For me, the answer was yes. Then I prayed asking which of the three in the USA was available. I signed up for one, but again a small miracle as a different one was presented, the feeling was strong and we took it. I do not tell which one because I believe different people’s bodies respond best. To different vaccines and encourage all to pray. This week Samoa had two special days where everyone stayed home and the medical people went to everyone’s homes who still needed a vaccination. Given my experience, Imam sue French Polynesia will also experience many wonderful small events telling them quietly that the Lord heard them and is at their side.



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