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August 11, 2022

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Todd GalbraithSeptember 29, 2021

A heart-breaking topic, fairly and compassionately addressed. Thank you.

Jim ScottSeptember 22, 2021

The numbers are enormous and victims are hurt and seeking retribution. I keep thinking the vultures are gathering. How many victims are opportunists, how many lawyers are opportunists. Class actions are way too flimsy in their character and not all cases are as egregious as others. Proofs can’t be investigated as thoroughly as they might be were the numbers smaller. I can see where actions in court will last until the last piece of furniture is sold the last pencil is gone to exact the full measure of punishment meted out. Justice seems a long way away from exacting punishment of the perpetrators. Does $10,000 assuage my crippled conscience? Is my claim so valid is my hate so huge as to jeopardize any future good. The BSA lead thousands to achieve to grow to anchor to contribute to succeed that a few would destroy the sum of contribution. Winnow the claim, get past the inner anger and cling to the good given by membership.

Jim McEwenSeptember 22, 2021

An interesting and well organized article. Another very telling story would be one where it is reported how much money the attorneys personally gain from the settlements. Collectively and individually. Then compare that to what each victim will receive.

Susan ZmolekSeptember 22, 2021

Thank you for answering the very questions on my mind, in this complicated mess. God's eventual justice is certain, the damage to those abused is real, and at least my church is offering to do its fair share to compensate victims. Although it is beyond the scope of this essay, the Church can also be commended for its clear and direct efforts to prevent all future instances of victimization by responsibly requiring double-manning at every level of youth programs -- from the youngest Sunday school class up to teen camping activities. Vigilance and changes in culture will accomplish even more than the compensation to victims of abuse.

AJ CurrieSeptember 20, 2021

Wonderfully written article discussing a complex, emotionally-charged topic with tangled legal responsibilities. I think the author has done a wonderfully even-handed job of explaining things to we who are not schooled in the law. The only clear issue in this case is the morally repugnant, criminal behavior or the perps. It is wonderful to know that despite the heartaches and troubles created by the perpetrators, the Savior will eventually heal all the victims and any repentant perps.

Jo Ann OkelberrySeptember 20, 2021

Thank you for this very informative article. Child abuse is such a terrible sin.



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