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February 21, 2024

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Gary LawrenceSeptember 23, 2021

To Dianna J. Currie: Email me at [email protected] and let me see if I can help.

Dianna J. CurrieSeptember 21, 2021

Being a convert (joined at 30 years old) I wish I had been given this so I could have expressed my thinking in an easy manner. I love this concept, I want to know how to use it, I haven't figured that out yet. I will figure it out! I have family, and friends I want to share this with.

Douglas E NadybalSeptember 20, 2021

This to me is like the Articles of Faith but in the form of a multi choice test. Another way is to simply hand the person a list of statements of belief and vote yes or no. The risk of course is that if one scores low there would be a tendency to dismiss the LDS faith is viable for them. But the essence of being converted is that we allow our view to change, and this does nothing to achieve that. Simple, but how effective really?

DJSeptember 18, 2021

This is great non-threatening way to encourage curiosity about religious thought and the gospel. Is there a way to make it more sharable for social media?

Diane IrwinSeptember 17, 2021

This is fantastic! I just copied the URL of the website and posted it to my Facebook page, with a comment asking folks to comment on it!!

kim mossSeptember 17, 2021

This a great thing, well done. I do have a question about the two web sites included in the article. Neither of them work. Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Kim Moss

CarolSeptember 17, 2021

This sounds so very interesting and such a great way to find out, without pressure, the truth about the LDS faith. It may bring up things you would not think of or feel comfortable in asking friends or missionaries.

Ed JesseeSeptember 17, 2021

Great concept, article and approach for introducing basic Gospel Principles to others.



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