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February 8, 2023

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WendyJune 24, 2021

I have enjoyed reading your articles on our parental God,. Was wondering how the polygamy paradigm fits into this.

Harold RustJune 24, 2021

As always, thanks for an inspiring insight. Your article let me to reflect on a related perspective. The more I study this parallel relationship, the closer I come to getting a feel of why prophets and recipients of heavenly insight simply cannot convey the full message of that visit to the spiritual realm. Just as a child could become enthralled with a graphic design made by using imaginary numbers and yet be limited in describing just how the math works to others, so too are prophets limited in conveying the full dimension of what they have been shown.They can use earthly examples to help us obtain some insight and guidance, but only as we become familiar with the spiritual dimension will we begin to "see the light" ....and gain the wherewithal to apply imaginary numbers to create our own graphic designs.



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