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February 21, 2024

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AnnaJune 23, 2021

As I struggle emotionally with the loss of two adult children within five months, it has been too easy to languish in sadness and self-doubt. Thank you for helping me today as i try to re-frame my feelings and memories.

Mary JaneJune 22, 2021

Thank you so much...I needed to read this and hear this counsel today. It is so easy for us to feel burdened by our challenges in every day life. These are great reminders to keep the faith and move forward, remembering the Lord is always with us, loves us and will consecrate our afflictions for our gain....

Charles DEFRANCHIJune 22, 2021

Ha dear Wally! I do have a testimony that you belong to the people the Lord placed on my path to provide me with the light and guidance I needed, especially to make it through my own challenges. A few days ago, I found two old films from the time I did not have a digital camera. I got them developed and got to see our lives when our three kids were small, along with their lovely mother. This gave me another perspective on the challenges I am going through now with teens and current marital issues. The perspective was indeed that I was immensely blessed through this marriage and family, no matter what my issues today may be.



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