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March 20, 2023

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LBJune 21, 2021

I'm the same way--going back to hiding in my basement during game six of the 1998 Finals as a twenty-something! I just get too emotionally involved and it's painful even though I tell myself every time--whether it's the Jazz or my Aggies (and even BYU)--this outcome doesn't matter in the eternal scheme of things, not one bit. But oh, how we love our sports teams and want for them to succeed! I've learned to adapt and even pivot as I've gotten older. Still emotionally attached caring about the outcome BUT instead of watching the games anymore (waiting until the final buzzer to check the score to put off that agitation), I spend those game nights doing something that matters more of an eternal nature: I focus on serving other people by indexing for FamilySearch. It's something I love just as much as (at times more than) I love the Jazz or Aggies but brings me more peace, joy and satisfaction, I think. :)



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