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September 19, 2021

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Marie CrollJune 29, 2021

I, too, would love to have this concert available on line. I hope you will make it possible.

Janet DoiJune 17, 2021

This sounds like a fantastic patriotic concert for all of us to see. I would love to be there, but I live near Austin, TX. No way for us to be able to see such a great event to give meaning to the coming Independence Day celebrations that, thankfully we can still celebrate at present. May I suggest some kind of filming or video being made of the concert for those of us who live far from Draper, Utah to join in this festivity. I would be willing to pay for such a film or video, and I am sure others would too. I am not sure if in some places, July 4th parades will even be seen during these times in which we live today. Thank you for reading my comment, and I hope someone will be able to grant my wish.



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