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December 7, 2021

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Blake GarsideJune 13, 2021

Along with the Rawson's (Richard and Carol) we saw the Witnesses in our local Harkings theatre here in Gilbert this week. We joined many in the theatre clapping at the conclusion. Very well done Dan !! The actors did a great job, especially with Joseph Smith. My favorite part of the movie is at the end when Martin Harris said, "It is enough" after receiving confirmation he was loved by the Lord." NOW, what's next? You can't stop now, bring us more light and truth!!

Kay RookhuyzenJune 8, 2021

We viewed this movie just last night and I give it 5 stars. It was moving, it was well-acted, cinematography was outstanding! Obviously the topic was special to me and I know these were true.

C. WeissJune 8, 2021

I went last night with my wife and teenage daughter. Everyone was affected by the strength of the story. It was very well done. The acting was strong, but not over the top as in some church based films. It really shows some of the struggles of the 3 witnesses and what they were confronted with in the infancy stage of the Church. I truly respect and honor their testimonies and the integrity with which they kept their covenant to be witnesses. It inspires me to strive to stand as a better witness myself. Beautifully shot and directed.

GeneseeJune 8, 2021

My husband and I saw Witnesses and loved it! The movie had me teary many times! I am sorry to hear about the reviews on rotten tomatoes and the no doubt false ratings. I am not one to go off of other peoples ratings of movies. I review them for myself. Thank you for making Witnesses! I learned a few things I didn’t know!

Kent LarsonJune 7, 2021

Daniel, you need to read Galatians 4:16

Douglas ThompsonJune 7, 2021

Unfortunately, there are people out there that are truly negative. You can find them in all industries (I'm in hospitality) and I have found that what they post says MUCH more about themselves than about the item they are reviewing. Keys for discerning folk would be if the review is balanced. One can ALWAYS find good/bad in anything. Another key would be timing - as you said, it's not likely that a number of people independently "Dis" you at the same time (I've had reviews of 1 out of 10 but they can't back up allegations and I can legally prove reasons why they are 86'd from my establishment). These "very bad" reviews usually come from folk looking for a free stay - and you can find them here and there among numerous reviews with a "10" rating and other balanced reviews listing real problems that can be addressed - compliments - and additional suggestions which they feel may be beneficial to the business (these reviews are usually in the 6-9 range). While I have not yet seen "Witnesses", I now have it on my radar for a viewing in the near future. Don't let the haters get you down.

Sherry BrownJune 7, 2021

We saw the movie on Saturday. It was well worth the 2 hour drive to the nearest movie theater. I'd go see it again tomorrow...

Frank MerrillJune 7, 2021

Thank you for your report. I look forward to viewing the film when it becomes available in my area. With regard to your observations about what people post in various online forums, I'll add that I do not choose to visit social media systems because I learned several years ago that such places are not my friend, do not provide useful content to me, and do not uplift my spirit. That said, I will continue to defend a person's right to visit and participate in social media should they choose to exercise their agency to do so but it is similarly my right to choose to avoid it.



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