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August 18, 2022

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David Earl PerryMay 31, 2021

Frances and I believe, Lynne, that your gift from Heavenly Father is a blessing to us all. Thank you. May we all strive to have the image of purest love on our countenances.

Maryann TaylorMay 21, 2021

Your words reflect the great yearning in my heart, and the hearts of many, to be more like our Savior and to reflect his light and love. It gives me great comfort when I am so aware of my own imperfections and weaknesses, to know that the Savior IS perfect and I can draw from HIS perfection and HIS great power and strength.

Wendy J BrownMay 20, 2021

Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of music - and for making it able to be downloaded. A copy is now sitting on our piano - and the music is filling our hearts (on this snowy day in May!) - reminding me to keep an eternal perspective - and to try to reflect His image in my countenance. Thank you. Our lives are enriched by you, your gift and your sharing of this gift!

Linda WetoverMay 20, 2021

What a lovely new hymn! I have long enjoyed your music, but this one really touches a chord deep in my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your gift to bless the lives of others!!



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