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July 16, 2024

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Lori Finlay HamiltonMay 10, 2021

Excellent!! Thanks Carolyn :) I actually surprised my 90 year old mother yesterday with a visit this week. I looked around her little addition to my sisters home and saw enough "stuff" and things "she loves" to fill 4 homes!!! Marie Kondo would have a Hey Day!! I asked her if she would consider going through some things so that it's not quite a burden when she does go, and unfortunately she said "nope, that' my sister's job. I am going to enjoy all of my pretty little things for as long as I can". Really? We've just downsized and I've already begun to get rid of stuff, so our kids do not have too. I totally agree- our tastes are different. They may keep some things, or may donate of whatever. I'm grateful for your list of things to consider!! I'll start working on the rest of the list. Certainly staying as healthy as possible is one gift I'm passionate about, too



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