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Millions Sold - Why? Because It's Made Easier

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November 30, 2022

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JenniferJuly 30, 2021

I followed the counsel of our Prophet, consulted with my health care professional, and got the vaccine. I got my 13 year old vaccinated, as well. I have my fingers crossed that my 10 year old won't get sick (I'm not afraid of him dying but I am concerned about long COVID in kids) and trusting that people in his life will make decisions to keep him, and others who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons like Earl upthread, safe. I pray that this trust is not misplaced.

Pauline Bennion HarryMay 14, 2021

We need to be "wise as serpents, harmless as doves."

Dennis the MenaceMay 13, 2021

Perhaps it would be helpful for those of us passing judgement on those who have or have not had the Covid shot to read and ponder Doctrine and Covenants Section 64 verse 9.

LindaMay 13, 2021

So the "left" is in favor of identification proving that a person has been vaccinated? Hmmm. What about voter i.d.? That's even more important a d they won't stand for it!!! Hypocrites.

Donald E.May 11, 2021

The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have received the COVID-19 vaccine. The church is spending sacred funds to help other nations afford the vaccine for their populations. The church encourages vaccinations per the Handbook: Vaccinations administered by competent medical professionals protect health and preserve life. Members of the Church are encouraged to safeguard themselves, their children, and their communities through vaccination. Ultimately, individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. If members have concerns, they should counsel with competent medical professionals and also seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I've followed the Prophet's example on this one. People who are willing to put the health of so many others at risk for their own political views do not get my sympathy when they are called out for it.

Earl P Chantrill (Please withhold my name)May 11, 2021

I and several of my family members have not been vaccinated for COVID because of an inherited medical condition. I resent being told that I am a "holdout" and putting others a risk. We have taken this action because of medical advice. We have no reason to believe that we have been exposed to COVID.

David DurfeeMay 11, 2021

If anti-vaxxers were putting only their own health and lives at risk, it would be one thing. But they are not. It is truly the same as someone who, despite gentle rhetoric and kind encouragement, steadfastly insists on having the freedom to drive while drunk around my family members and friends. Tell me again how I'm supposed to respond. After orchestrating worldwide fasting and prayers for God to help in the effort against Covid, President Nelson got vaccinated. I'm following the example of a true and living Prophet of God.

PamMay 11, 2021

I have chosen at this time to wait to receive the vaccine. I had Covid in January and it was just a mild cold for me. 1) I have had 2 heart Ablations to cure heart arrhythmia, so that makes me very hesitant to risk taking a vaccine with that side affect. 2) I have Multiple Sclerosis that is in remission. For me the risk of an immune changing vaccine is not worth it. Would you risk being paralyzed to avoid a cold? I do not get flu shots or pneumonia shots because of the risk of my MS going out of remission. We need to not judge others when we do not know all their issues.

Branna ParkMay 11, 2021

I agree that abstaining from getting the vaccine for political reasons would be foolish. However, EVERY person I have spoken to who has refused the vaccine or is waiting to get it is doing so based on science, not politics. I know both liberals and conservatives who are not getting the vaccine. (And I know both liberals and conservatives who have.) Many (most?) of the unvaccinated have spent months following the research, studying the science, learning all they can about this vaccine. I'd like to add, too, that a vaccine itself can create a breeding ground for mutations. The unvaccinated will always be blamed for outbreaks and mutations, but so often it is the vaccinated that is at fault. Most people have absolutely no understanding of this, however, and simply trust the narrative rather than doing the research. And I don't fault them for that, because they simply don't know that there is an alternative narrative to research. I like to compare it to missionary work. The investigator says, "I know the Book of Mormon isn't true." "How do you know? Have you read it?" "No, I don't have to read it. I just know." Well, you don't just know, and you'll never know the truth unless you actually read it. Some people might say that their pastor tells them it's not true. Well, how many pastors have actually read it? And here is where it gets a little touchy. People trust their pastors, just like people trust their doctors. But what most people don't realize is that most doctors haven't studied vaccine safety and efficacy. They, also, are simply quoting the narrative. One has to actually question the narrative and do the research before he'll get any real answers to the question.

Terry MahaffeyMay 10, 2021

Thank you for the thoughtful article. People can be hateful when not agreed with. As one who has decided to wait to learn what the long term consequences of the "vaccine" turn out to be I am grateful for your reasoned approach to the discussion of the pros and cons of the "vaccine". The general public has been brainwashed by the lack of clarity on what they are really putting into their bodies.

P HMay 10, 2021

I'd like to say, from a perspective of having had two serious virus infections in my life, one causing effects over 66 years (and to which only the resurrection will ultimately resolve the issues inflicted) that there is another reason not mentioned. That is, if people have been vaccinated against the mumps, measles, small pox, polio, shingles, and any other number of diseases and their resistance to the Covid vaccine is due solely to political ramifications (because they took their que from politicians rather than medical professionals), then they are not really selfish---they are foolish. When Moses held up the Brazen Serpent people refused to look at it at their own peril. It's easy to think they were foolish and I can't help but feel this is similar. It's their choice and I would never force any action upon them, but that doesn't mean they have chosen wisely in making their decision. Those (like me) who know of personal friends that have perished from Covid have a difficult time seeing the prevention efforts being ignored in favor of some assumptions that are political in nature. That's the nature of personal freedom, though. Defensiveness isn't necessary on either side to try and convince the non-convincible. It is what it is..

JessMay 10, 2021

It’s strange how the people who feel like this- that people who are hesitant about the vaccine won’t acknowledge the why behind the hesitation. The fact that the pharmaceutical companies have each been fined what adds up to Billions of dollars for fraud and covering up adverse clinical trial results in order to get a drug to market- then later been sued (and lost) because of the harm the drug caused and this same scenario has played out multiple times- so they’re repeat offenders & clearly not remorseful of the the lives that were affected or taken by the blatant dishonesty, doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in a vaccine. Especially when they would now not be held liable for any harm or deaths caused by this vaccine. The lack of honesty and accountability should give everyone pause to consider- even if they eventually chose to receive a vaccine, but it is something that should be taken into consideration.

JustinMay 10, 2021

Thank you for posting this here! I've seen the level of this vitriol in comments made in more liberal publications, and was just STUNNED at how we've gotten to this point. I have not been vaccinated, after having looked hard at the science relating COVID and not seeing any benefit to myself or others over my contracting and fighting it naturally, and having seen a politicization of (and freedom of liability from) the vaccine. More concerning is the effort to squelch the negative side effects of the vaccines, minimal as they may be in numbers, which paints a rosy picture, diminishes honest research into the vaccine, and tosses aside any consideration for long-term effects. We are the human trials. We should give some consideration for the "control group". And nobody is professionally allowed to point out that the vaccine does not prevent you from getting COVID, or that it doesn't cover mutations - akin to a flu situation. I fear that "fear" has taken hold, and is being exploited politically and emotionally.

JowoMay 10, 2021

So much hatred, anger and vitriol over a shot. And what about the next plague and the next one and....Satan is clever, very very clever. Part of the concept of infinity is an infinite number of ways to attack agency. Thank you for this article.



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