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February 21, 2024

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Michael EdwardsMay 10, 2021

based on his column there certainly seems to me to be a fair number of church members cheating on their spouses. after all how many spouses who have been cheated on aren't writing in.? so again i think that there are a lot of church members who cheat on their spouse simply based upon how many of his columns center on that issue.

Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CSTMay 8, 2021

Just a quick response to Michael Edward's question - We don't really know for sure that "a lot" of members are having affairs, but a few reasons people do is that they don't carefully nourish their marriage (i.e. making each other a priority with date night, daily couple time, attending to each other's love language, etc.). That leaves marriages vulnerable to external influences and temptations. This is not unique to members of our church. My "infidelity formula" can apply to anyone: Vulnerability + Opportunity + One Dumb Decision = Slippery Slope to Disaster (Infidelity) And well done Geoff as usual!! Sure appreciate all your great insights on marriage and family issues!

WeezieMay 7, 2021

My guess on why there are so many affairs are: porn, social media secret accounts, and terrible boundaries with anyone of the opposite sex. You should never engage in relationships with them, no matter how harmless they may seem at first. It never turns out positive. Your spouse needs to the the one and only person in your life.

Old GuyMay 7, 2021

She says that she knows her husband is being faithful and yet still has such severe triggers. This dear sister has insecurity issues that have probably never been addressed and need addressing before she can progress..

Michael EdwardsMay 7, 2021

there sure are a lot of members of the church having affairs. why is that? anyone brave enough to have an opinion on that?



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