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December 5, 2022

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Nancy LundquistMay 13, 2021

I remember comments that while on earth it is not her mission to comfort, teach or be involved while here in our earth life. We are in a wicked world, to expose her to the vileness and evil would be wrong. Her mission is different, we are not to pray to her, she's for a different time and place, that's the way I understand it. Just think of the curse words used for God, Jesus and any holy figure. She's too holy for exposure in any way.

Debbi M.May 6, 2021

Love, loved LOVED THIS! Beautifully spoken. I yearn to know my Heavenly Mother, and think this young lady is pretty insightful. Why we do not yet know her like our Father I do not know, but reject many of the reasons offered as "Church culture." We will one day know, yes, but I so hope for sooner than later. This is a topic I liken to putting into a box, waiting for further light and knowledge, and concentrating on what I do know, for now.

stevie maireid mckennaMay 6, 2021

What a lovely presentation! I too have wondered why we don't hear much if anything about Heavenly Mother. My thought is that it may be detrimental in terms of missionary work. It would be too different for non-members to hear that we worship both or at least believe in both a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother. For the culture that we live in it just wouldn't bode well and may be too foreign compared to mainstream Christianity for the world to know this. Although it is stated in a left handed way that we are children of Heavenly "Parents" in the Proclamation to the World. There may be a concern that if Heavenly Father allowed us to know and engage with Heavenly Mother that it would end up being a point of division, some members feeling closer to a Heavenly Mother and others to a Heavenly Father. My guess is that at least in the Millennium we will know all things. We will know the part that She has played and continues to play. Thank you for your insightfulness!

vickieMay 6, 2021

I DID ENJOY HER SPEAK about what she feels about a Heavenly Mother. i think that in the church we all believe in a Heavenly Mother. i was raised catholic and was taught that mary the mother of Jesus is more or less our heavenly mother and to pray to her and that she is an intercessor to God. i no longer believe this. i believe that the virgin Mary was chosen beforehand to come to earth and be the mother of the Christ Child. I believe we have a Mother in heaven and that She loves us. we use to say we dont know Her Name because the Lord doesnt want us to blaspheme her name, unfortunately like our Father in heaven and His Son's names are done so. I dont think about these things very much. i am a woman and i am satisfied with what we have already and i dont need the reassurance that there is a Mother in Heaven because i believe that God is a person of ORDER. i will look forward to seeing things again because im sure we all knew these things before coming to the earth.



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