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June 23, 2021

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Jan KingMay 6, 2021

This article this morning is truly an answer to my prayers! My adult son who lives with us, who served an honorable mission, married in the temple, has done a great deal of family history research work, and who has wandered in and out of the church for a number of years, no longer believes the Joseph Smith story. He apparently has read some stories such as the one described here, and his belief has faltered. This article confirms for me that one cannot take such stories and allegations at face value without investigating and reading farther. There's always "more to the story"!!

Karell BinghamMay 5, 2021

The Book of Mormon stands on its own as a witness of truth to those who take the time to read and study it. It is an amazing complex study of a civilization as well as a testimony that God lives. I find it quite amusing what folks come up with to try to dissuade others of its veracity and of the knowledge that Joseph Smith was who he said he was!

vickieMay 5, 2021

in reading this i find that the story abt martin harris is just that a story. martin harris believed in the book of mormon and the devil had to discredit him so no one would believe the book of mormon existed.

Andrew J. CurrieMay 5, 2021

Reverend Clark’s unnamed “gentleman” has all the earmarks of a NYT, WaPo, CNN exclusive story.



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