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September 26, 2021

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liaMay 3, 2021

Intrusive thoughts are a hallmark of obsessive compulsive disorder. It is treatable.

JULIE DAVISMay 3, 2021

It sounds like you may be going through a mid-life crisis. I would get a thorough physical exam and make sure your hormones and vitamin levels are normal. Certain vitamin deficiencies cause anxiety and intrusive thoughts. Plus, hormone imbalances at mid-life can cause many issues especially anxiety and insomnia. God Bless you and don't give up your family you will regret it.

MLBMay 2, 2021

I at one time had thoughts that really bothered me which were as disconcerting as yours and considerably more dangerous to myself and others. I have found one thing that I got from a TED Talk (of course I can't find it) that really helps me. It's this--when unwanted thoughts come I don't fight them, I just mentally stand back and look at them without judging them and without engaging. I find that after a short while the thought goes away. Eventually, they don't come back. The fear and the disgust you feel because of your thoughts keep you engaged with them. Remember that you are not your thoughts. Remember to quit judging yourself for these things because that judgement creates the fear that keeps them lodged in your brain. Hope this helps!

JoyMay 1, 2021

I feel the same way in my marriage of 35 years! I wish we could talk. Maybe the similarities of our experience would uncover the tormenting source.

JoyMay 1, 2021

I feel EXACTLY the same way in my marriage of 35 years! I wish we could talk. Maybe the similarities of our experience would uncover the tormenting source.

AnnaMay 1, 2021

I went through a hard time a few years ago. In pure desperation I spent every available waking moment reading scripture, singing hymns (Peace in Christ on repeat", and praying. I felt very neurotic and stressed but I just kept my head down and prayed and prayed. After a few weeks of this, I had a beautiful spiritual experience that brought spiritual peace. My mind quieted down significantly. My body still felt stressed but I was ok. I could keep going. These feelings won't last forever. Get a blessing. Confess to a bishop. Do whatever you need to do. It is possible to heal.

Doris WilliamsMay 1, 2021

Geoff Steurer is a godsend. I have to read his counsel every weekend. His advice this week hits it out of the park (as he always does). I hope this dear sister heeds his inspired advice and holds her husband and kids close as she heals. She will come to understand that the dear Lord's forgiveness is for us too...whatever she feels she has done wrong...heartfelt prayer, asking for His guidance is so important; and I pray that she may be able to find a counselor who can help her through this trying time so she can find the joy she so desperately desires. Bless them all.

Maryann TaylorApril 30, 2021

What beautiful advice! I loved being reminded that just because our minds tell us something, that does NOT mean it is true. In fact, we have many thoughts we need to dismiss as false. One of my prayers is that the Lord will help me discern between the true and false thoughts that come into my mind. I believe reading the scriptures helps. The sister who wrote this letter needs to find the right therapist to help her get to the root of her problems. I really don't think it has anything to do with her marriage. It sounds like she has an inner unsolved conflict, and is suffering from self-abuse through her self condemning thoughts.

AnnaApril 30, 2021

I once went through a difficult time. I was st the end of my rope and felt like I was hanging by my fingernails. I chose to spend every waking moment reading scriptures and singing hymns and prayed nonstop for help and relief. I felt crazy and I sounded crazy but I was attempting to keep my mind focused on God. It took several weeks of living in pure adrenaline and desperation but relief did indeed come in a spiritual form. I still went through many struggles and when that time ended I grieved for a year from the loss and pain. But because Christ came and supported me through that time my love of God and my testimony of his goodness grew leaps and bounds. Now that the pain has ended it is almost a cherished time. The song Peace in Christ on repeat may help. Blessings may help. Repentance and confession to your bishop may help. I'll pray for you too.

Michael HogganApril 30, 2021

My mission president once told me that Satan would put any thought into my head thst he could. I've reflected on that wisdom many times.



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