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July 14, 2024

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EAJune 21, 2014

I often find myself in the role of substitute mother to various kids in my life. I appreciate your humor, and how you handled the situation. Your column always entertains and edifies.

Charles NickelJune 18, 2014

Perhaps a column of a humorous nature is not the right place, but the thought occurred to me about how you felt about being that substitute father, if you felt you were doing some good, or if you empathized with mothers of sons everywhere, who fight a lonely battle without a father to help. If you were to be part of that boy's life more often, just think of the good results that may occur.

SusanJune 18, 2014

What a blessing substitute dads are in the Church to boys who do not have fathers to go with them to activities! The father of my four sons walked out on us when the oldest was 15 and the youngest 8. Their lives were indescribably blessed by the men in the ward who stepped up to be their priesthood examples. Even now, years later, I regularly thank those men. My sons grew up to go on missions, be married in the temple, and be wonderful, righteous priesthood holders and fathers. I remain thankful for good men in the Church who open their hearts and lives to boys without fathers and for their own sons who don't mind sharing their fathers.



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