February 28, 2021

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Helen Spencer SchlieJune 14, 2014

From one tree lover to another...Over 85 years ago I climbed my favorite apple tree, so often, and sat so quietly, reading my books, that a Mother Robin flew in and out of her nest, paying no attention to me, from blue eggs to gaping yellow beaks of her little ones.A very Precious memory .

Bonnie HoltJune 14, 2014

I love everything you write my dear friend! This is so inspiring and rings with such wisdom and truth! It's just what I needed today.

Janette BlackJune 13, 2014

Darla, I want you to know that I love all of your articles! I feel like you are a dear friend because everything you write has a "familiar" spirit that I can relate to! I enjoyed your past two years' article on Mother's so much that I borrowed some of your ideas for my Mother's Day talk in Sacrament Mtg. last month. Just thanks for all your good thoughts and ideas and know they are sincerely appreciated. . . God bless you, Janette

ShoshanaJune 13, 2014

Living in the South provides LOTS of Mulberries. Please use them. I googled "mulberry recipes" just to see what would come up. This link shares lots of good ideas. https://sharonglasgow.com/2013/06/mulberry-harvesting-10-ideas-of-what-to-do-with-them/ There are many more ideas/recipes out there. ENJOY!!!



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