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October 6, 2022

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RobertJune 24, 2014

I have worked with mature clientele for about 12 years now. I have seen 60 year olds that act like they are 80 and 80 year olds that act like they are 60. I think attitude has a big influence on how we age and serve in the church. Any mature homeowners in Southern California may want to take a look at this website if they are looking to access tax free, and payment free equity out of their home.

Rosetta SmithJune 6, 2014

Good article! I want to honor my mother, Naomi Stevens Smith, who is now 99 and bedridden. When she was 97 years old, she was called to be the Laurel advisor in the 25th Ward in Salt Lake City. That was her last calling in a lifetime of serving wherever and whenever she was needed.

TimesawastinJune 6, 2014

My Gramma used to say when she was 98, "People tell me I'm beautiful, and I tell them, I make myself beautiful by SMILING!" Quite a lady!

wariJune 6, 2014

Interesting! We had a brother who is now at the other side of life. When i extended call to him to serve as a Stake Hicouncilor he was thrilled even though he had earlier served as a counselor in the Stake Presidency. There is joy in the service. A former Stake Preident now serves as family History Counsultant in his ward with excitement even though he is about 60+ and occupies a prominent Government position in Nigeria. The lay clergy work is divine.

MaryJune 6, 2014

Age is just a number! Youthfulness is a state of mind. The day before I retired at age 65, I was asked to take in two great nieces age 7 & 9. Now a year and a half later we will be adopting these two precious little girls that have blessed my life. Not what I had planned but it works and it is wonderful. They keep me young.

JoAnnJune 5, 2014

One sister in our ward was teaching in Primary. At the new year two little girls were whispering & they ask her how old she was. She said, "I'm 76." One girl looked at the other & said, "See, I told you she's not more than 100."

Barbara StrongJune 5, 2014

True, true. I was called last year to be the Relief Society President in my ward, where I expect to serve for yet a time. I had just been released as a counselor in the Stake Young Women's Organization. I will be 70 next month, and am so grateful that the Lord has not relegated me to a rocking chair! We are a blessed people.

mary janeJune 5, 2014

Yep, me too--except for technology. We oldsters need help from the youth; overwhelming technology seems to replace genuine conversation.



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