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October 20, 2019

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TrenOctober 7, 2017

I agree with Nick. I have a friend who buys every supplement and has testing done to see if her body will accept it. She was shocked when her bishop told her anything less than the priesthood of God is using Satan in her life. Instead of turning unto the true source of light, God, she uses other people to sooth say what her body needs. In the Scriptures it says our very days are numbered and we can do nothing to extend them. We need to rely On God's truth and help and not turn to every person with a new gimmick. The prophet of God and his apostles eat sugar, drink pop, and don't eat only organic food. Does that make them sinners? Obviously not. Some conspiring men use your own fears to gain money and feed their own greed. It's not just the makers of pop and fast food getting Rich. Some of the richest people in our country are the people selling so called organic food, unproven herbs, remedies and supplements to people who are scared.

SheilaMay 31, 2014

Wonderfully written! I'll pass this on and probably keep it in my journal as well. You're wonderfully talented.

NickMay 31, 2014

I do not see anywhere in the word of wisdom that it states the our food should be organic or non GMO. I get concerned when we mix gospel principles with modern day progressive hype about our food safety.

ShaunaMay 30, 2014

Wonderful article! Thank you so very much!



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