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August 4, 2020

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DebAugust 27, 2014

I just came home from Education Week and went to a class on the Word of Wisdom that taught these same principles, and I was shocked, as I have read every book and article about how wheat is bad, and believed it myself. I actually have celiac, and still the class I just attended, as well as this article, ring so true to me, and feel so right. I have just ordered the authori's book, and I am so excited to receive it. I have been eating Paleo or low/carb for some time now, and have felt just as awful as before I started these diets. Due to having celiac, I won't be adding wheat to my diet, but I am thrilled to know that my concerns all of these years about "how the word of wisdom could now be wrong" were unfounded. Thank you so much for bringing me back to the truth.

Jane BirchAugust 24, 2014

JULIE: I posted

Food AddictsJuly 27, 2014

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ChadJuly 4, 2014

Well written article. Thanks for sharing it. I realized the health benefits of a whole foods plant based diet 4 years ago and I feel much better now. I relied heavily on the Word of Wisdom and the OT story of Daniel to find support as I changed my diet. I have never looked back. I believe it is the closest thing God has given us to the fountain of youth in this mortal life. Your article reminds me that I should share this precious knowledge with all who are interested.

Naomi RidingJuly 1, 2014

I love the research, logic and no doubt inspiration that goes into your article. Thank you for sharing your understanding with us! it is motivating.

DSCJuly 1, 2014

Waaaaay overthinking! The article as well as the author is on a very slippery slope "philosophies of men, mingled with scripture". Meat, whether it be beef, chicken, pork or fish, has been ordained of god for the use of man with thanksgiving. Saying it is not needed, or God is pleased when we don't eat it, is absolutely the wrong interpretation. In fact, if we totally restrict meat from our diet and claim ourselves vegetarian etc. we have to ask ourselves whether we have turned our backs on a blessing from God! An act of ingratitude?! Come on people, the Lord has given us free agency and a brain; to use correctly. Life is pretty simple. Moderation in most things is the way. Why do "educators" always over-think things, then twist them to fit into THEIR box? Opinions are ALWAYS suspicious when money is to be made via blogs, books etc. maybe it's time to see things from a realistic perspective. I hate when people in the church use Scriptures, Prophets quotes and general doctrine to "sell" their products and ideas. Think what you will, but please don't write like you are speaking FACTS, or for everyone, much less The Lord!

AJJuly 1, 2014

A correction to my previous comment: I mentioned Joseph F. Smith came to conclusions regarding coffee, alcohol, tobacco in 1933. It was actually 1913 that he explained the early church's approach to the Word of Wisdom, in the provided J.F. Smith quote (and was later in 1933 that the Church officially made W of W adherence necessary for temple admittance and Priesthood ordination).

ccJuly 1, 2014

People need to be very careful when recommending foods. We do not eat the same grain today as our elders did, meat is necessary if grass-fed...the same with eggs. Please read Grain Brain or Wheat Belly for answers to diabetes, etc.

AJJuly 1, 2014

In 1861, Brigham young said, "Some...would like to have me preach upon [the Word of Wisdom], and urge it upon the brethren, and make it a test of fellowship. I do not think I shall do so. I have never done so." The Word of Wisdom was not a stringent indicator of personal worthiness or a policy for admittance into the temple or ordination into the Priesthood at that time. In other words, Young (and Joseph Smith) trusted members' judgments, personal decisions and self-discipline, just as today's prophets trust us to guide our better selves concerning modern processed foods. However, 9 years later in 1870's General Conference, you can see Young's impatience with continued lack of self-governance and poor manners, complaining about tobacco on the floors, between pews, and brethren inadvertently spitting it onto sisters' dresses. But he still conceded: "Elders of Israel, if you must chew tobacco, omit it while in meeting, and when you leave, you can take a double portion, if you wish to." The Church gradually became more stringent, as awareness of addiction and the follies of substance abuse increased, and not mere rudeness or obnoxiousness of it, although its public "disgustingness" was still a common observance into the 1900's. By 1906, the church began using water instead of wine for the sacrament. By 1915, it asked that men not receive the Priesthood or members be admitted to temple worship while maintaining such habits. And in 1933 it officially prohibited alcohol and liquor, as a requirement for entering the temple (ironically, the same year the 1920 Prohibition law was repealed by US courts). Joseph F. Smith explained then why the Word of Wisdom was not initially given, or at least enforced, as a "commandment": "The reason undoubtedly why the Word of Wisdom was given

JulieJuly 1, 2014

I've enjoyed your articles educating and reminding us about the word of wisdom, but I am surprised that you are so adamant about avoiding dairy/ eggs as well as meat. Elder Widtsoe, in his book "The Word of Wisdom" clearly teaches that though meat should only be eaten sparingly (winter, famine), dairy and eggs are good foods for our daily diet. I know you base your health philosophy on the word of wisdom, but where in the scriptures or teachings of the prophets (the word of God) do you find the counsel to abstain from dairy and eggs? It's something I've wondered about as well, so if you have sources I haven't seen I'd be glad to know about them. Thank you!

ByronJuly 1, 2014

Beautifully presented and spot on. Thank you Jane for helping us "discover" all the treasures, hidden and otherwise in the WOW.

Sue ReuserJuly 1, 2014

Thank you! It is so great to see this. It is true! My husband at the time and I started following Dr. John McDougall's program for health reasons in 1985. I didn't join the church until 1994. The WOW helped convert me. I am looking forward to the future when more Latter Day Saints get your understanding. Just think of the fantastic potlucks and good health we will enjoy!



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