February 25, 2021

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VardellMay 16, 2014

Thanks for the nice article and important principles. Speaking of Old Testament, last week as I was about two hours away from teaching about Joshua, Rahab and Achan, pondering the hard things in that lesson and wondering why out of all of Jericho this one particular harlot was saved I had some very real inspiration come to me. I had known that Joshua was a "type" for the savior, and as I pondered all these pieces of the puzzle the knowledge came to me that the reason Rahab was saved is because she had faith, and had done good works, but more importantly, she had asked. It seems like a simple thing, (so does looking at the serpent on the staff) but God doesn't save anyone who doesn't ask to be saved.

PatriciaMay 16, 2014

Darla, You did a great job on this article! I loved the part about your "traveling companions" and you did a great job of taking me into the bishops office. The manna analogy was perfect and I loved your 1,2,3 approach as well as your solid ideas about how we can apply your suggestions. Love you my friend! :)

DeniseMay 16, 2014

What a wonderful reminder to be grateful ! Thank you so much for your inspiring words and wonderful person examples. May we each seek having a grateful heart, and expressing it to our God, our Lord and Savior.



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