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July 7, 2020

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Angela NoelleAugust 9, 2014

My husband and I will be making that 3.5-hour drive from Dunedin this weekend to attend and speak together in Queenstown, as the lovely couple, pictured, did. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be half as inspired!? They're a fantastic team, those two! Thanks for writing about this, I really enjoyed reading it!

Wm. Charles (Chuck) CarrMay 27, 2014

Am I ever "homesick." My wife and I spent 20 months in the wonderful, beautiful Queenstown Branch as senior missionaries. At the time the branch was larger, with about 25 people attending church services--many tourists. They are beautiful saints and we miss them and their faithfulness. (The branch is smaller now that another branch has been established in Alexandria.) The picture is of their "new" chapel--we used to meet in the local funeral home. We will go back someday--kia ora President Carpenter! Elder & Sister Carr

Paul SextonMay 11, 2014

I am always delighted to attend a tiny branch. On several occasions I have marveled to feel the spiritual strength born from so few saints. The notion of "spiritual safety" is a delightful, even heavenly thought.

Alan SpeddingMay 11, 2014

My wife and I served our mission in South Africa and we found the same thing there. Those with the least, so far as material things are concerned seem to be the most content and happy. Pablo Picasso said, "I want to be rich but live as a poor man". That is surely the best of both worlds. I am from England where the church is sort of in the middle so far as numerical strength is concerned. I lived in Utah for a number of years, where the church is at it's strongest, numerically, and these little branches are where the church would be considered weakest - but only numerically. Your article is so true, strength and safety is in our individual testimonies, and the Gospel shines brightest where humility and simple faith in the Savior is found.

President CarpenterMay 10, 2014

Sister Arveseth, So nice to see this beautiful article. I remember your visit to our little branch. We do not get that many piano players, so it was a reatl treat! We continue to be small, but the members are faithful and steadfast. We hope to see you back over this way some time. All the best, President Carpenter Queenstown Branch

christi majorsMay 9, 2014

I've been to that branch and played the organ. jWe were picking my son up from his mission there. jben was the branch president and we stayed at his house. I'm thinking that it was in 2006. after my visit to New Zealand I knew that the strongest members are those that are doing it all by themselves. jthanks for sharing your experience.



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