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April 7, 2020

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Kent BusseMay 9, 2014

Right on! Working once in a church school (Lutheran?) I saw a poster stating "All children are gifted. Some of them haven't opened their presents yet."

Voin CanpbellMay 9, 2014

Good synopsis of the subject. I to believe that those of the linage of Abraham, though born with certain abilities, can easily loose them by ignoring them. I also believe those of gentile blood, can recognize and receive truth if they desire to do so. Blood line, though real, is not the determining factor. Desire and integrity of heart is.

A Happy HubbyMay 9, 2014

I don't consider myself one that has been gifted to feel the spirit easily. I do strive to get there and I certainly have had spiritual experiences. I have come to realize this and not consider myself as broken when others see a spiritual manifestation and I don't. I just need to keep striving to gain that spirit.

Beth TMay 8, 2014

Thank you!! You spoke to my heart!!

MattMay 8, 2014

Splendid writing . . . . gifted.



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