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August 12, 2022

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Sophie CampbellJuly 2, 2015

Thanks for sharing!

Rose_GardenSeptember 27, 2014

The Saratov Approach American Mormon Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration are all on Netflix at this time.

Linda PixtonMay 24, 2014

Here are a few more that I've found that are uplifting and teach great values: What If; Backwards; Gifted Hands: The Dr. Ben Carson Story,

BrandiMay 23, 2014

Some of my other personal favorites are Book of Esther, Book of Ruth, Overcome, Island of Grace, Amazing Love the Story of Hosea, have not yet but will be watching the Book of Daniel

Matt RasmussenMay 21, 2014

Saints and Soldiers and Forever Strong were both on Netflix for a long time. I'm not sure if they still are.

the JoshMeister ( 18, 2014

There are also a number of religious documentaries on Netflix that are good, if documentaries interest you. Here are some streamable, non-LDS religious films and documentaries that I've particularly enjoyed; I've rated these either 4 or 5 stars out of a possible 5 (on the Netflix scale, 4 stars means "Really Liked It" and 5 stars means "Loved It"). I've found these helpful in learning about other faiths and better understanding and appreciating the religious perspectives of our neighbors: * Arranged (*****; film; Judaism and Islam) * National Geographic: Inside Mecca (*****; documentary; Islam) * National Geographic: Inside the Vatican (****; documentary; Catholicism) * 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama (****; documentary; Buddhism) Some may also feel that nature documentaries are appropriate for Sunday viewing, as they can help you develop a greater appreciation for God's creations. There are plenty of nature documentaries available to stream on Netflix. In response to the comment from Deg: Courageous isn't on the author's list because it's not available to stream. This is a list of streaming movies on Netflix, not movies available to rent on DVD. You're right, though; that's a great film. There are lots of excellent religious DVDs available through Netflix. Sometime I'll have to put together my own list of DVD and streaming recommendations, including an expanded list of streamable religious documentaries (including the ones I've rated 3 stars, or "Liked It" on the Netflix scale).

DegMay 11, 2014

Courageous isn't on the list either, which is completely filled with religious themes.

DegMay 5, 2014

Awesome suggestions, I'm not sure if all of them are Sunday appropriate, but all of them sound like excellent choices. Thanks for the suggestions... and the Book of Daniel was awesome, and definitely worth watching on Sunday.

NMay 5, 2014

Two other good Sunday movies are the book of Daniel and Esther both on Netflix

Jen MMay 5, 2014

Thanks so much for this list. I had no idea these movies were on Netflix. I will definitely be watching these with my family!

Erin MMay 5, 2014

Thanks to your recommendation, I gave October Baby a try this weekend. Beautiful story and very well-done.

PamMay 5, 2014

Another cute film is My Girlfriend's Boyfriend. Written and Directed by Daryn Tufts (Spokesman for power company save power adds). Filmed in Utah, clean, sweet with a twist at the end.



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