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February 8, 2023

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sueMay 9, 2014

Another though is that matter is not created, and has always existed. So the earth would have been made out of pre-existing matter that might be older than the earth, itself.

sueMay 9, 2014

I want to tell you about something I discovered yesterday in a 1994 edition of family fun. It was a very long propaganda article about Bill Nye. I didn't realize that he had a program geared towards four year olds and gathered a following that way. Here are some relevant quotes from that lengthy article-As the topic turns to his personal mission, Ny'e expression turns greave.'Andy problem you can think of-global warming, HIV infections, overpopulation- these are fundamental science problems I came to realize that it's not highschool education we have to worry about, because by then it's too late." "That's why the Nye show is aimed at fourth graders." I don't know now long ago his program started, and it seems as though he did quirky fun things to gain their attention, but by the time this debate would have taken place he would have had a grown up following!

Renaissance NerdMay 5, 2014

I see the Big Bang Theory as the best indicator that God exists so far imagined. I have no trouble with the idea that the Earth is 4.5 billions years old, or 6,000 for that matter, though I consider the former far more likely. The tests they did at Mount St. Helen after the eruption demonstrated that they can't really know how long ago a rock was molten, so the fact is nobody knows how old the Earth is save God. It seems likely it's very old, but it could also have been recycled by the Magratheans from other planets that were all built along the same model, and sold at bargain basement prices to the mice so they could figure out the Question. I also feel dubious about evolution in its current dogmatic state, because it is not supported by the evidence. Gould's 'punctuated equilibrium' makes a lot more sense than random mutation, since at least it actually has some basis in the fossil record, but neither can explain how or why increasing complexity occurred. I always keep racism in mind when scientists make sweeping declarations of exclusive access to truth. It too was once THE scientific theory, which only religious nuts and ignorant hillbillies dared question. If Hitler hadn't discredited racism, it still might be. I'm content to wait for the slow plod of trial and error which is what science is at root, instead of accepting as gospel Olympic-level conclusion-jumping.

Ron Millett (Author)May 1, 2014

>>> Craig: If you want to believe in young earth creationism, you certainly have the right to do so. But my study of the gospel has not made me reject science in fact the more I study the gospel the more I appreciate science. <<< I certainly agree with your second sentence. Reread the article because I am not a young earth creationist. --RM

CraigApril 30, 2014

If you want to believe in young earth creationism, you certainly have the right to do so. But my study of the gospel has not made me reject science in fact the more I study the gospel the more I appreciate science. Atheists like Nye are wrong more on philosophical grounds. If there is no God how did the universe come into existence? Why does anything exist at all? It's not a question they are comfortable with. They start mumbling something about a multiverse( an interesting theory, and not one that scares me, if God could create one universe why not an infinite number? But still, they have no measurable data to support such a theory) but still the atheist's metaphysics basically boils down to the universe created itself. That's like saying my house built itself, or the interstate system paved itself. It's much sillier than the belief in a creator. Now on scientific terms, there is overwhelming evidence to back up the argument that the earth is very old, that a flood, if one occured, was localized to the Black Sea region, and that humanity is not descended from such a small genetic sampling. Carbon 14 dating can show that the earths crust is billions of years old. There are fossils from the Cambrian era, which was hundreds of millions of years ago. If a worldwide flood had happened it would show up in the earths geological record. It does not. As to DNA yes it is true that only .01 percent is different, but that really doesn't mean anything. Our DNA is nearly identical with chimpanzees, it's 78 percent identical to yeast. The similarity of DNA only shows that most of it is naturally occurring building material needed for all life. In order to achieve the genetic variance we see today, from such a small surviving genetic bottleneck, we would need genetic mutations at a much faster rate than they actually occur. The Bible is not a science book and shouldn't be read like one, just like Nye and his peers shouldn't be treated like secular prophets.

HazelApril 30, 2014

Great article



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