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April 11, 2021

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MarcMay 9, 2014

OKWalkerApril 29, 2014

I have often imagined the reunion of the Savior with HIs Father AND His Mother after His crucifixion, along with the waves of emotion and relief His mother must have experienced, not to mention the tears of grateful joy they must have shared together. Oh, to be worthy of a similar welcome!

RApril 26, 2014

There is a multitude of academic research showing the a Divine Mother (Heavenly Mother, Goddess ... and many other names) has been worshipped for tens of thousands of years, and, in fact, longer than any male God. One of the reasons that there is so little in print about Her is that for the past several thousand years (since what is considered written history) it has been dominated by the patriarchal, male order of things. Men were the only ones allowed to study the Torah until rather recently ... obviously in all records written by and meant predominantly for men, they chose NOT to include many significant women - especially Our Mother. It will be a joyous and glorious day when all that was revealed will be restored, and all that still must be revealed will be known. Conversations like this are a good start.

G. HintonApril 26, 2014

We are not enlightened until we receive confirmation, through true prayer, from the Holy Spirit.

Robert B SmythApril 26, 2014

If man was made in the image of God, who was women made in the image of? Gen 1: 26-27 It's a no brainer to me to figure out that it was his wife, Heavenly Mother.

F.F.W. BeijerlingApril 26, 2014

If one grasps the true meaning and impact of the Plan of Happiness, among other things by and fully understanding the meaning of the ultimate promise made to us in the Holy Temple at the conclusion of the Endowment Ceremony, and the final paragraph of the text comprising the Sealing Ceremony, it follows that all of us have a mother in heaven, she being one of the lawful and legal spouses of Heavenly Father.

Joseph MApril 24, 2014

The following is from the recently posted Gospel Topics Article on "Becoming Like God" As an official publication of the Church for the specific purpose of clarifying doctrine I would work on the assumption that this statement is both accurate and approved.As a note the article references the above mentioned article "A Mother There, A Survey of Historical Teachings about Mother in Heaven",(BYU Studies Vol 50:1) which is very good. R. Snow, a Church leader and poet, rejoiced over the doctrine that we are, in a full and absolute sense, children of God.

HSHApril 23, 2014

The Family: A Proclamation to the World, "All Human Beings

SJLApril 23, 2014

I concur completely with bro. John Haeberle. Thank you for your comment that we need not have our Heavenly Mother in the spotlight, for her name would be truly sullied.

JPWApril 23, 2014

Please remember that we as mortals were created by a mother & father. if we are worthy we will live with our spouse or spouses in the eternities in the family unit. This is taught by the prophets. Just read GC reports past and present. Of course some spirit children will have different mothers. It has not been revealed whether we on this earth all have the same mother or different mothers, it is not pertinent to our salvation to know. Many of our prophets have had several spouses, because their first spouse died and they married again. Joseph Fielding Smith married three times in his life time, because he outlived his three spouses. of course he lived with only one at a time. Elders L. Tom Perry, Russell M. Nelson and Dallin H. Oaks all have married twice. We will learn so much in the celestial kingdom and we need to be humble and patient as we await all the mysteries of the kingdom. For as Isaiah taught and many other ancient and modern Prophets have taught our thoughts and ways are not Gods thoughts and ways Isa. 55.

Robert CowartApril 23, 2014

I joined the church 53 years ago and in my first year I heard for the first time "Oh my Father" .When we were singing the words "Truth is reason truth eternal tells me I've a Mother there" I lost it .I could not stop crying for the whole meeting. I treasure that moment. I believe like John Haeberle above that neiher our Farther or we want our beloved mothers name to be treated like our Fathers name has been.

H. MurrayApril 23, 2014

In Eliza R. Snow's text, she has a perfect meter of 8,7,8,7, all throughout. In the added verse, the meter is 8,7,8,8--8,7,8,8. Thus the syllables would not fit with the music. There are also accent problems. The syllable that is stressed, or accented, needs to line up with the music notes that are stressed or accented.

craigApril 23, 2014

serin, what exactly is hateful? I simply don't believe in her. And why? I'm not a pagan. It's that simple. All the religions in the world that have goddesses are pagan religions, and pagan worship is condemned throughout the scriptures. I don't believe there is a mother in heaven, and it sounds like you not only believe in one but you need one to give you some kind of validation. That says more about you than it does about me.

SerinApril 23, 2014

I find the hateful comments by CJ and Craig to be the very reason women are leaving the church so rapidly. There is more then enough doctrinal proof of a Mother in Heaven, but the oligarchical patriarchy that is the males of the church are insistent that it is not there, because they do not wish to share the seat of power with their WIFE in the next life.

LaurieApril 23, 2014

Thank you so much for publishing such a beautiful piece. We have heard the term "heavenly parents" used in general conference more frequently and I'm encouraged by that. As a woman, wouldn't our Heavenly Mother be our role model? Oh, how I wish we knew more about her and what this next life holds for her daughters.

Amy CartwrightApril 22, 2014

Craig, which maybe is to say that God doesn't necessarily have to be a man either. Maybe God is a woman but within our patriarchal cultures, we've always just presumed God is a man. (note that I'm not saying this is true, just that with this idea that God doesn't need a wife, God might also not need gender, or to be a man, or to be protected or worshiped).

Christina BishopApril 22, 2014

This is a uniquely Mormon doctrine. As others have pointed out, it has been alluded to through many generations by multiple prophets, not just one isolated statement. D Todd Christofferson said in conference that is how doctrine is established, so it is doctrine. And Amy, hi! I just wanted to point out that while there are traces of Ashera in the Old Testament, it is in the context of the Israelites having adopted the worship of the grove of trees which existed among the Caananites. It was specifically prohibited as idol worship in communication from Jehovah to the Hebrew prophets. So while there are allusions to the Ashera, it doesn't appear (from my study, at least!) that it was pleasing to God. Conclusion: there are right and wrong ways to acknowledge Heavenly Mother's existence, and while it is interesting that the divine feminine was present among the Hebrews, worshipping ashera was not in keeping with God's laws.

MaryApril 22, 2014

I will never understand why people insist on believing in the saddest and most desolate versions of "doctrine" they can think of. There is no doctrinal evidence that our Heavenly Father is a polygamist, and yet so many people want to assert that. How horrible that they would take away from such a beautiful post on our Heavenly Mother, who is every bit as much God as our Heavenly Father. Perhaps we know so little about our Heavenly Mother because we as a world and as a church disrespect women so much that we would not receive a Goddess with the honor and glory that she deserves, and as such our Parents are saving us from the sin. We are not ready and worthy to receive the revelation, and it has always been the pattern of revelation that we only receive when we are worthy and ask.

JennaApril 22, 2014

Craig, I think you misunderstand. The point is not that God has a wife. It's that the Mother in Heaven *is* God. I was taught in seminary and college religion classes that "god" is a priesthood title for an exalted man and an exalted woman sealed as husband and wife. See section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants. The way I understand it, just as male and female are required to create physical life, so too are male and female required to create spiritual life. I don't believe that exalted women will be eternally pregnant, but I do believe that both the masculine and the feminine are required. And they together form one God.I also respectfully disagree that the Mother should not be discussed to prevent her name from being sullied. She is a Goddess, after all. I think she's tough enough to handle it. Earthly mothers get slandered by their children all the time, but I think they'd rather take the insults and be known by their children than avoid the ill-speaking and be nonexistent to their children.

Kary April 22, 2014

Apparently no one who commented on this article read the linked article (The Other Half of Heaven: Debunking Myths about Heavenly Mother), which also had a link to a BYU Studies article ("A Mother There, A Survey of Historical Teachings about Mother in Heaven", Vol 50:1)--both articles were very interesting and had many, many examples of teachings from 1844 on from prophets, general authorities and others regarding our Mother in Heaven. Those who deny her existence need to read a bit more. She is real and, in my opinion (shared by a number of those quoted in the above articles), quite often when the scriptures refer to God, it means both of our Heavenly Parents. After all, God created man in his own image, male and FEMALE. Obviously God consists of a male and a female, sealed together and each having responsibilities in guiding their children and bringing to pass their immortality and eternal life. My feeling is that we don't know much about our Heavenly Mother because we haven't asked the questions. After all, the wonderful information in the Doctrine and Covenants came as answers to questions posed by Joseph and others. Are we asking?

CraigApril 22, 2014

Why would God need a wife, or wives? Can he only create spirits from intelligences(which we were before spirit) with the help of a wife? God doesn't need help, he's God.To say that a wife is needed is to say that God is not all powerful. Consider that before we blaspheme. God doesn't NEED anything, or anyone.

Amy CartwrightApril 22, 2014

Many members do not know that our first teachings of Mother come from Joseph Smith, not Eliza R. Snow. A secondhand account states that in 1839, Smith had told Zina Diantha Huntington, after the death of her mother, that "not only would she know her mother again on the other side, but 'more than that, you will meet and become acquainted with your eternal Mother, the wife of your Father in Heaven'" We also have a hand of Joseph receiving a vision with Zebedee Coltrin and Sidney Rigdon of Mother in Heaven. Also, fascinatingly enough, we now know that the early Hebrews worshiped a Mother God--Ashera--and there are still traces of this teaching in the Old Testament.

MikeApril 22, 2014

to CJ, last year for mothers day I gave a talk on Mothers and included Mother in Heaven. If gospel doctrine includes talks from our modern prophets, then there has been alot of reference to Mother in Heaven. As for whether is only one Mother in Heaven, what does it matter. I only have one.

AliceApril 22, 2014

Lovely, thanks for posting this.

Josh MApril 22, 2014 those that don't think mother in heaven was a revelation, well, there's this.

AdamApril 22, 2014

The doctrine of a mother in heaven is something I think the church is wise not to over exploit. All of us know what the natural man does to women. Let's not be too quick expose someone so holy, so sacred to a sub-telestial culture. We wouldn't wish that on our earthly mothers, wives or daughters...

JennaApril 22, 2014

I absolutely believe in a Heavenly Mother. The entire plan of salvation makes no sense unless there is a divine feminine equal to that of the divine masculine. Men look to the Father in Heaven for a glimpse of what an exalted eternity might look like for them. To whom should women look? I am told that I am made in the literal image of God. We learn that Heavenly Father has a literal, male body of flesh and bone. But I don't have a male body. I am not in the image of the Father. After whom am I patterned?I look forward to the day when more is revealed about Her. Something whispers to me that there is a divine feminine with all power, all knowledge, all love, who with the divine masculine is one eternal God. I love her and yearn to know her. I do not live in a motherless house.

Rebecca FrankApril 22, 2014

If you pray about this doctrine it will be made known to you. Of course there is a Mother of our spirit. Weather it is one or many Mothers what difference does it make. Not all people are ready for this revelation. If we are in families here on earth why not in heaven? husbands and wives. Heavenly and earthly, they are the same.

Mjd1973April 22, 2014

Thank you so much for this. It is balm to my soul. I feel her absence so keenly at conference time each year- I long to hear her mentioned, even if it is just in the term "Heavenly Parents".

Rod BrewerApril 22, 2014

As a matter of belief, we must often choose what is true or not based on what we read or hear. However there is even a more pure knowledge available to anyone who has faith and listens carefully to the still small voice within that bares witness that as sure as we have a Father-in-Heaven, we have a Mother-in-Heaven as well. Why would anyone think otherwise except for believing in doctrine that has been perverted over thousands of years. Why would God not desire the companionship and love of a mate like unto what He provided unto Adam. There is no doubt a pattern that is part of our great universe which makes possible for life to continue. There are also reasons why the existence of our Mother-in-Heaven are not more widely known. Think about it

RachelApril 22, 2014

Beautiful. This resonates with the longings of my soul. I also hope that our Mother in Heaven will be mentioned in the Mother's Day talks.

poppyApril 22, 2014

Only the pure in heart and the prompting of the Spirit will let you know about Mother in Heaven!

Voin CanpbellApril 22, 2014

Are the frequent references to deity in holy often either defines as either The Father or The Son only figurative? Does not The Son clearly declare himself to be subordinate to his Father? .Does not Jesus,clearly define himself as The Son of God, begotten by The Father? If the father and son relationship is clear, does it not follow that there is also a mother?

Bob Van RooyApril 22, 2014

Makes perfect sense to me, since we already believe in marriage for time and all eternity...why not our Heavenly Father. I hope to be worthy to meet Her.

JaApril 22, 2014

In the family proclamation it mentions parents. Our mother in heaven may be covered or veiled, but is no less a nurturer and comforter than earthly mothers and even more so I would say. Fathers preside and provide, but mothers can give you sweet whispering a of truth and guidance. It is blaspheme to deny your mothers words. She is the perfect partner and one in purpose with god the eternal father and his son Jesus Christ. Think about it.

VickiApril 22, 2014

Paula, I have thought of that too, but I would think that there would only be one for our earth.

MercyApril 22, 2014

Thank you, Bro. Aston. Earlier this year, Elder Paul DM Christensen of the 5th Quorum of the 70 spoke at our stake conference in WA state - and he spoke at length about the love of our Heavenly Mother. I hope this is a sign that our leaders recognize how many of us long to know more about Her - because, as the Family Proclamation says, we are children of "Heavenly Parents." And like any child, I want to know both of my parents. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and continued work to remind us of Her.

Maurine McLeanApril 22, 2014

Thank you, Bro. Aston for gathering all this wonderful information. It's lovely to think of our "heavenly mother" and I look forward to the time when all these wonderings will be satisfied.

SaraApril 22, 2014

To CJ's point -- President Hinckley called the existence of Heavenly Mother a doctrine, and she is referenced several times in lesson manuals and other official church publications. While scriptural references to Her are rare and subtle, it's incorrect to say that there is nothing of Her there. While the world certainly has a lot to learn about Heavenly Mother, we can rejoice in knowing, if precious little else, that she is real.To Paula's point -- some church leaders have made statements to the effect that there is only one Mother in Heaven, the Mother of us all, and others have said the opposite, that Heavenly Father has many wives and that there are many Heavenly Mothers. I'd say that this is a point with conflicting evidence. I certainly think of a single Heavenly Mother, but if I'm wrong about that, the fact would still remain that I have my Heavenly Mother and want to know her.Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts, Brother Aston. I agree that our appreciation and public, loving acknowledgment of Heavenly Mother is long overdue.

BrittiApril 22, 2014

This is lovely to think about. Thanks for writing!

LaraApril 22, 2014

I would love to hear a message on Heavenly Mother on Mother's day at my ward...or ANY day. Every Sunday I hope to hear some mention of her...but I rarely do. I include her when I share my testimony, and so have my children, but no other members do. How can we as a church claim to see women as equals when we insist on ignoring our Heavenly Mother? The thought makes reason stare.

JodyApril 22, 2014

Thank you so much for this. I also relish the idea that we can acknowledge and honor our Heavenly Mother. I hear more frequently of people feeling guided to look for her and feel her presence next to Heavenly Father as they pray for guidance. There are so many references to her from leaders throughout church history. We can't see what we don't look for. I am glad so many feel ready to look for her.

John Haeberle April 22, 2014

I cannot begin to say it as well as Steve D. has done. As to CJ, I would suggest a little more civil, less combative tone. It is, in the minds and hearts of many, a beautiful and logical belief. Now to my point. In view of the degrading and disrespectful way in which the names of God and Jesus are dragged through the mud of this world, and which are permitted only by our Father's commitment to free agency, it has long been my belief that He holds our Mother in such high regard that He has protected her name by simply not bringing up the subject of her being. He permits and endures the ugly mistreatment of His own name, but has not shined the spotlight on his Partner, so as to make it less likely that Her name will be similarly misused. I suggest we follow His pattern. Perhaps we can show our deepest love and respect by leaving her out of the glare of the world's spotlight.

JodyApril 22, 2014

Thank you so much for this. I also relish the idea that we can acknowledge and honor our Heavenly Mother. I hear more frequently of people feeling guided to look for her and feel her presence next to Heavenly Father as they pray for guidance. There are so many references to her from leaders throughout church history. We can't see what we don't look for. I am glad so many feel ready to look for her.

Bruce PreeceApril 22, 2014

While we all have a common Father in Heaven. We all came from different Mothers since God the Father has many wive any of which could be our mother in heaven. Plural Marriage is a heavily status and practice. On occasion practiced here on earth with not only God's approval but his insistence.

Frances ScatesApril 22, 2014

I think we do well to do these things: Remember Jesus Christ as the Son of the Most High God who completed the Atonement on behalf of all of us. Second, keep all the commandments. Third, repent daily. Then, meditate, ponder and treasure up truths you receive. I believe the idea of Mother Heaven falls into the realm of personal meditation and should stay personal and that as Latter-Day Saints striving to become perfect, let us deal with the light and truth we have and not try to conjure up obscure points that will not save us or any of our Father's children, but just make us feel warm and fuzzy. Remember Elder Holland talking of fashioning gods into a desired image, "... if people want any gods at all, they want them to be gods who do not demand much, comfortable gods, smooth gods who not only don

Russell C.April 22, 2014

The doctrine related to our Mother in Heaven is correct, and, vital, for without it the entire cosmology of revealed truth will fall. There must be a place for women in the Godhead outside of being just a "help meet"; they are essential in the creative process which nature teaches us; in fact men are just here to provide genetic diversity! May the Lord reveal more about her, we are ready, I am ready - Father let it be so.

ShareeApril 22, 2014

Paula, I think that the reason we know little about our Mother in Heaven is that we probably don't all have the same one.

herm olsenApril 22, 2014

My daughters are especially sensitive about this topic, and will greatly appreciate your thoughts and words. Thank you.

CraiApril 22, 2014

I have to agree with CJ. The idea of a mother in heaven is not found on any scripture, it started with Eliza R. Snow. What are we? Wiccans? There is no "mother in heaven" deal with it.

PaulaApril 22, 2014

Are you sure there's only "one" Mother in Heaven?

Ann BuhrApril 22, 2014

Well said, Steve Donegan. Many thanks, Brother Aston.

Steve DoneganApril 22, 2014

I cannot hope to stand at the judgment bar of God and hear Christ say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant..." (Matthew 25:21), but I do hope to hear Christ say, "He's mine," when Lucifer is calling for me. I will then do two things if my wishes come true: fall at Jesus' feet and fall into our Mother's arms. Thank you, Brother Aston.

CJApril 22, 2014

This is a ridiculous idea. First, the idea of a mother in heaven is NOT gospel doctrine. There is nothing of it in the scriptures, which means one of two things. First, that our idea of a mother being transferred to a heavenly being (that we have no knowledge of) is not actually accurate, or that those inspired writers of our standard works did not want to include this personage for some reason - perhaps in heaven, personages do not depend on human holidays.



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