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August 12, 2022

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Lorraine QuillonApril 18, 2014

Easily one of the most profound articles I have read. Thank you for thinking the thoughts, and then putting them down on paper so coherently. I, too, will be sharing it.

Luana WellsApril 17, 2014

How did you know I needed to hear this right at this moment? It will be shared. My copy is going to be tucked into my scriptures. It's part of the Gospel....remember the Primary song...'Jesus Said Love Everyone' ? Thank you!

Maryann TaylorApril 17, 2014

Joni--I have enjoyed some wonderful friendships in my life with people much older than myself. Some of the best visiting teaching experiences I have had have been with sisters whose life circumstances are very different from mine. I agree with you that this "compatibility issue" can be traced to Satan's influences. Deciding we are incompatible is just one more way of putting up walls and destroying opportunities for unity and love to GROW! I have also come to really enjoy people who bugged the heck out of me when I first met them. How glad I am that I "got over" my silly first impressions and prejudices and discovered how wonderful these people really are!

Jessi April 17, 2014

These are thoughts we should print out and read every once in awhile. I sent it on to my missionaries who have companions they are learning to get along with. A common problem for missionaries, who are together 24/7. Thanks for the reminder Joni. We can be more flexible and give other people's ideas a chance too.



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