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May 11, 2021

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Bean-lover tooApril 10, 2014

There is a way to fix beans without the gas effect: Soak the beans overnight in twice as much water as beans. In the morning pour off that water and rinse well. Add the same amt of water (2 & 1/2 times or even a little more.). Cook the beans and pour that water off. Then cook the bean dish any way you want, and you will not get gas.

Fart Humor April 10, 2014

Love it. The title lured me in. Thanks for the laugh!!!

jeannetteApril 9, 2014

i agree with robert. kathteen., whitney, anf nola. where IS the rest of the story

Sister KoslingApril 9, 2014

And I was just contemplating boiling up Navy beans or Pintos.... for supper.

nola hatchApril 9, 2014

where is the entire article?

WhitneyApril 9, 2014

This story needs an ending!

KathleenApril 9, 2014

Where is the rest of the story?

RobertApril 9, 2014

Please tell me there is going to be a part 2 to this. What a cliffhanger.

Krista HumphreyApril 9, 2014

Was Bryce the inventor for "Bean-O"?



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