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September 23, 2020

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Mark LApril 2, 2014

Thank you for this excellent article. Few questions. Porn depicting abuse to Men/Women is clearly wrong! Encouraging such behavior to youth is criminal. However, does porn addiction exist? Think of all people who view porn. What percentage has a problem with it. Compare that to alcohol abuse..Is it the pornographers responsibility to monitor children looking at porn or the parents? And finally, the porn is saturated with free content, who is making the money? Not much sales in porn these days...Maybe Webcam girls. Lot's of places to get that free too...

brianApril 2, 2014

Well said. I think it's important to combat the misinformation that leads us to believe that viewing pornography has few if any consequences. Thanks for doing so. One of the problems many face that are addicted is the lack of effective treatments. As much as we need to focus on keeping our children safe from pornography, we also need to effectively help those already addicted. 12-step programs work for many but seem to have a high relapse rate. Seems like a lot of the cognitive behavior-based programs, such as Power Over Pornography, work well with a lower relapse rate.



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