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December 6, 2023

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AmyMarch 21, 2014

Thank you for this article. While my husband does not suffer from pornography addiction, he is now a recovering addict. My children were young 6,7,10 when his addictions came to light. At the time, I was not sure how to handle this with my children BUT with counsel from my HF I did exactly as explained above. Not having known anyone in my same situation, I had no one to turn to but my HF. How thankful I am today that we have a connection with a Father who can see all and will directs our paths. We attended and still attend support groups (7 years later) my children are supportive and understanding to many from all walks of life, they "get" it. They understand on levels that I am still trying to understand. I know this comes from honesty, openness and discussion on their level as they were prepared. Doing the 'hard thing' when directed by the spirit has made life so much easier and enjoyable. While this article is too late for me, it affirms that it is spot on because I see the fruits of this counsel. Thank you for a well written and thought out article. I hope it will get in the hands of those who need it!

Judith MillwardMarch 16, 2014

You gave excellent answers, the short and sweet version, you are only as sick as your secrets; get counsel regarding age appropriate disclosure, but do tell them that what is going on is not their fault.



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