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April 13, 2021

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vilma pongyanMarch 13, 2014

Reading this has caused me to be teary eyed. How touchig that his memory is still about his mission. I have a son currently serving mission and another one may be handing in his papers before the year ends so i feel affected with happenings like this. May Heavenly Father always preserve in safety and righteousness all his striplings warriors widely spread throughout the earth preaching HIS TRUTHS.

LisaMarch 11, 2014

Sending daughters is harder before, but their detailed letters, plethora of photos, and absolute joy in serving makes it easier! They are often more mature and hit the ground running, there was much less adjustment time than when I sent my son.

Aleni Fuatimau FuatimauMarch 10, 2014

What a wonderful experience of great faith! Thank you for sharing this. All the best on your mission Elder Roberts.

Nicola mills March 10, 2014

I'm 2 hrs from the start of your sons mission. A boy from our branch left for there on feb 28th. Elder Pukepuke if he meets him...might be companions, anyway. ...Let your son know to bring slip on shoes. It's customary to take shoes off at the door here. Saves a lot of time flapping around with laces!!! The KFC is better here...!!!

Grandpa ChetMarch 10, 2014

23 years a convert and it still seems strange to feel peace rather than anxiety when reading these things or experiencing them in our own lives. Having seen these, and harder things, catalyze huge blessings, saving lives, souls, & families. Plainly seeing our Father does not cause hardship, but does lead us through it and teach us during it. And so many instances of a loved on

Kristin HartleyMarch 10, 2014

What a wonderful experience. We live in the Hamilton NZ. My husband is a bishop of one of the wards.Our condolences to Mason Bailey's family and also to the 2 young missionaries who recently lost their family.But we will look after Dillon.We just love the missionaries, they are wonderful dedicated young men and woman of the Lord.

Bob WestfallMarch 7, 2014

Wonderful story and I rejoice with the family of Elder Dillon Roberts. At the same time, my heart goes out in sympathy and empathy for the Mason Bailey family.

Missionary Mom of 3!March 6, 2014

Yes, it is hard to send a missionary off!! Especially our daughter! I, too, felt as if I had lost them...until the letters started arriving, then I could relax, knowing that they were OK and would eventually come back home to me! This IS a wonderful story! How marvelous that you had the faith and prayers of so many!! How blessed you were that your son was healed and able to serve Heavenly Father!! And how tragic for the missionary who was killed on the day this article came out. May the Lord bless and comfort his family.

Nancy EkinsMarch 6, 2014

Two of my granddaughters were in the celebration, so I'm sure they were praying for your son, too. What power there is in prayer. May the Lord bless Dillon on his Mission.

Gary LindbergMarch 6, 2014

Dillon is my grandson. My wife and I had traveled from Calif. to listen to him speak in church Sunday. Dillon's dad Mike and I where a mile from the accident when it happened. During the next 20 hours we (our family) witnesses many miracles as we watched Dillon's recovery. First was the lady who stopped to help was like the Good Samaritan. We don't no who she was but she helped so very much. Second was Dillon rembered his dad's phone number and called us twice to give us directions to his crash. Third we were close to Mercey Hospital and Mike left immediately and got him to the ER with in minutes. Fourth the priesthood blessing. Fifth When those at the celebration heard a missionary had gone down, they stopped and prayed for his recovery. And sixth, the talk he gave Sunday was more than just a farewell. He spoke and taught by the spirit. Everyone there felt it. I thank my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ for this gospel.

Sister FranceMarch 6, 2014

Wonderful story and another testament of our Savior who is aware of us and loves us and that His will, will be done.



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