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February 8, 2023

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bob taylorDecember 23, 2013

what a great way to celebrate the birth of Joseph Smith - thank you for sharing this with your readers. I understand that Jesus is the focus of Christmas, but it makes me a little sad that the birthday of Joseph Smith so seldom gets mentioned at this time of year.

Natalie December 23, 2013

I loved this. As a convert I can wholeheartedly say that I am thankful for this reminder of just what courage Joseph Smith used when he listened to the Spirit of the Lord. I wouldn't be here today making the progress that I'm making without the truths that I've found in the scriptures.

David GreggDecember 23, 2013

I would thank Joseph for all he did in the pre-mortal existence, which prepared him to do all he did in this life, so that he could be the Lord's seer and revelator. For, all that he did then has allowed light to come into the world now, which very few could have made manifest. The Book of Mormon speaks of the Spirit of Prophecy and the Spirit of Revelation. Each of us can nurture these gifts, but few have done so like Joseph did, and he therefore was able to give me, and all the world, light from the Lord that removes burdens and makes paths straight. I would thank him for this.

ValDecember 23, 2013

Happy Birthday! Thank you, Brother Joseph, for your life of service and sacrifice. Without your work, this world of darkness and sin would not make sense. Without your sacrifice, the light and knowledge of temples wouldn't beacon to the world to come unto Christ. I'm humbled by all you gave so that my family and I could gain knowledge and a testimony of the Savior. Bless you, and happy birthday!



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