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April 13, 2021

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AndrewDecember 27, 2013

I totally agree with Roxxie!

RoxxieDecember 13, 2013

I hate the holidays, because this is a time to be reminded how much family I don't have. I don't see it as a time to do anything special, since I generally volunteer and do good works as opportunities present themselves throughout the year. I just find this time to be very stressful, because people's expectations are that you will attend the ward parties and the RS Progressive Dinners, and I really cannot even bring myself to contemplate that. Holidays are just a stressful and unhappy time. I will be glad when January is in full swing.

CatherineDecember 13, 2013

Thank you so much for such a beautiful and insightful article. I love that you pointed out that just because the number of activities increases, the number of hours and days in the month still remains the same. The planet will not stop rotating if something doesn't get done! Bless you! I really needed this today.

VaLynne StoddaredDecember 13, 2013

I enjoyed this article and thought about the things that had stressed me most when my children were young. It was one Christmas that we truly over spent and I was seeing "credit card bills" rather than joy on Christmas morning so I never did that again. Another thing that I see that causes stress is when people are so consumed with "hating the commercialism" that we see by Halloween that they don't stop to realize they can ignore it and not worry about it. Mostly what I found is that when I put Christ first, I can enjoy all of Christmas including the commercialism. There is nothing wrong with Santa and snowman until you let them consume your thoughts either positively or negatively. December is a joy for me and I like "starting" the feeling of it at Thanksgiving time and enjoying the whole season until after the first of January.



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