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October 6, 2022

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TimFebruary 27, 2014

There seems to be a pattern: any time the Lord is about to bring about some great work, His candidate for leader is tested in a similar way. Adam, Enoch, Moses and Jesus Christ Himself, as well as Joseph Smith, and perhaps others, all had their date with Satan at the beginning of their missions.

Robert BrownDecember 5, 2013

Now ask yourself why Moroni had to visit Joseph 3 times in one night with the same message. Moroni was on an errand from God to start the restoration. Until Joseph really "got it" that he was to be a prophet, the Return & Report was happening as we have repeatedly in temple endowment lesson. We must use that system in our callings. Thats why we do annual historical reports.

BradDecember 5, 2013

Thank you very much Joni. For me that experience was Satan's testimony that Joseph was telling the truth because he understood that that moment was the beginning of the end of his reign on earth.

Been thereDecember 5, 2013

Thank you! This is a part of the First Vision that really resonates with me, and I was rather disappointed the new movie doesn't depict this. At one very particular, crucial point in my life I experienced something very similar to this, feeling as if the gates of hell opened up right under me. From my knowledge of the First Vision, and its depiction in the first movie, I realized what that horrible, terrifying feeling was, and I was able to call out in prayer for help. I think it's vital to know the power of the adversary, so that we can more fully appreciate the overwhelming power of the rescue.

DwynDecember 5, 2013

Thanks, Joni

Todd GalbraithDecember 5, 2013

Excellent article, Joni. I have felt the same way as you seem to have; the message(s) of Joseph Smith's account are not lost on me. Thank you for the wonderful and compelling reminder.

GeorgiaDecember 5, 2013

Great read. How true.

GeorgiaDecember 5, 2013

Great read. How true.

Ann WoodsworthDecember 5, 2013

I have noticed for years that discussions of the First Vision usually do not include his wrestle with Satan. I always thought that was just as important as his vision and conversation with the Father and the Son -- for all of the reasons you mentioned in your article. Satan is real and we need to understand that -- just as we need to remember that Heavenly Father is stronger and we can be powerful in defending ourselves against him with God's help. We need to include the whole experience when we think about and discuss the First Vision. Thank you for reminding us!



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