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September 25, 2020

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TaniciaJune 29, 2015

Everyone who reads this needs to know about this alternative (non MLM) micronutrient therapy, proven alternative to medications for mood.

Stacie MarieDecember 17, 2013 is actually more expensive. It's $69.98 versus $59.95 on You can also get $10 off of that by doing the autoship (so it's $49.95 per bottle on every bottle). You can set up autoship by calling 1-877-727-2120 or doing it yourself here:

Matt WhitakerDecember 11, 2013

This product truly does make a difference but I buy it direct from the manufacturer at It costs the same but if you want advice or suggestions on how much to take etc, it's free. With Q96 they want to charge for anything like that. For what it's worth.

Carolyn JacobsonDecember 9, 2013

It's obvious to me that your daughter's therapist is not aware of the two gene mutations of MTHFR which has a lot to do with mental health issues. The mutation I have is connected tightly to folate deficiency and B12 deficiency. I need more than the normal amounts to stay stable. Q96 has plenty of both, although I take other supplements. Keep improving your own health, stay strong. Thanks for your story.



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