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May 13, 2021

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JacobSeptember 21, 2014

Re that NY Times quote of 1843, I think you mean the NY Sun. The Times wasn't founded until 1851.

Chuck WhickerDecember 7, 2013

It's true that these testimonials showing Joseph's charisma and power of presence comes mostly from acquaintances who loved him. But I have seen testimonies form some who rejected him yet with a favorable testimony as to his perceived nature and intelligence. We also have men like Richard Burton, the famous world traveler who never accepted his message but reported to the world that he wouldn't be surprised if the name of Joseph Smith were to become known, in the future, as the greatest man of our age.

antje pluijmersDecember 6, 2013

de Heilige Geest kan u helpen om de waarheid hierover te weten.

DwynDecember 5, 2013

Frank, the witness is Lucy. For the rest we'll have to check out the story in the heavenly library when we get there.

FrankDecember 4, 2013

Can anyone please name the men who reportedly wanted to kill Joseph but changed their mind? Without authentication this sounds made up. Where's there witness?

Rockgod28December 4, 2013

So many articles lately on Joseph have been of a more salacious nature. Specifically his relationships, polygamy and other details that bring forth the familiar phrase "sex sells". Just as your article points out many people only hear about these stories. That Joseph is a murderer, a liar, mostly adulterous and as if he were still alive to somehow defend himself.Instead he just has me and you as well as others who have come to know the character of Joseph Smith by his fruits.He was a good man. An imperfect man who God raised up, perfected, corrected and trained all his life. He laid the foundation as instructed from heaven for us.As the LDS Church continues to grow in influence, wisdom and strength as a global church there is hope that indeed the destiny of the human family can be changed by the grace of God.

mARJORIE SIMARDDecember 3, 2013

Leo Tolstoy was a social historian. He was noted as such. OOh, we have to be so careful what we say.

Roy CazierDecember 3, 2013

Referring to Leo Tolstoy as a "noted Russian historian" lessens the credibility of an otherwise good article. Tolstoy is famous for being a great novelist and a Christian reformer but was never a noted historian.

Ted GibbonsDecember 3, 2013

Brother Marsh,I love the way you write and i love the Prophet Joseph as you know.. Thank you for this marvelous insight into his character and personality.Ted Gibbons



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