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April 11, 2021

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QueenBee11January 7, 2014

In reference to Edward Bailey's comment regarding "sacred silence" on matters pertaining to Heavenly Mother - Mr. Bailey's quotes came directly from a paper written by Professor Paulsen and published by BYU Studies. See link for the entire paper and its research/findings - fascinating read!

Edward BaileyNovember 24, 2013

Why the "sacred silence" on matters pertaining to Mother?"Our Heavenly Parents

Georgina SmithNovember 23, 2013

Mauine, This is an excellent article you have written abut Sheri Dew's book. I am grateful to her for sharing her wisdom and insights. Also, thanks to you for writing so well. I always enjoy your articles.

Hubert HurstNovember 23, 2013

I hope when she talks about power she understands that that power can only be used in the service of our brothers and sisters and it can not be used for our personal benefit. To serve one another is to serve our father in Heaven..

WarrenNovember 22, 2013

While the book may have value for those confused about this subject, it still cleaves to a comfortable status quo position that all is well in Zion, things are as they should be, etc. etc.Those who want the Fullness of the Gospel, more of what God intends for us, like so much else, will find it has been there all along, clearly presented in the Temple. Ironically, when the book quotes: "In the temple, both men and women are

Chuck WhickerNovember 22, 2013

It is kind of amazing to me that there is so much misunderstanding in the church, these days, regarding the priesthood, both as to where it comes from and in regard to women's place in it. Brigham spoke of the priesthood being "revealed" to Joseph, rather than "restored." That's because he understood what is clearly revealed in D&C section 86 -- that priesthood comes from lineage. It is in the blood of all those who have any of the DNA of Israel. What was restored, to Joseph Smith was not the priesthood itself (since he was born with it, and so were his ancestors), but rather, it was the knowledge of the ORDERS of the priesthood (i.e. Melchizedek, Aaronic, etc.) with their duties, authorities, and obligations which pertain to their functions in the church. Since priesthood comes through lineage, women have always been in possession of it; but since the male role is to act in administrative offices, it is the male orders that were revealed. Joseph, however, acknowledged the priesthood of women. Why do you think the endowment speaks of women becoming "queens and priestesses unto God"? Can a "priestess" be without priesthood? Certainly not! It is well known that in the days of Joseph and Brigham, women were actively involved in the laying on of hands for the blessing and healing of the sick, and for other purposes. Joseph defended this female practice, on one occasion, by countering a particular male objector with this question: Since these women were successful in producing healing miracles with their laying on of hands, how could any man object to what the Lord obviously supports? If the membership of the church would study their own history, they wouldn't so easily fall into uninspired traditions -- traditions that are often established, unfortunately, by the policies of a leadership who should be watched and discerned by the people, and held accountable for any departure from the knowledge that was once restored through the lawgiver and head of this dispensation, Joseph Smith Jr. "And in that day all who are found upon the watch tower, or in other words, ALL MINE ISRAEL, shall be saved" (D&C 101:12)

Cecilia DavisonNovember 22, 2013

Sister Dew. Thanks, thanks and more from Argentina .your are amazing. You are de Eliza Snow for are days!!!

beth riceNovember 22, 2013

The perfect article which should answer any and all questions to those who sincerely have questions about women and the Priesthood. Through the temple experience, women share in the priesthood power, yet men are the ones who hold priesthood my thoughts, because they need them to help them stay on task If there ever is a time where women are needed to be given the authority to hold any of those offices, it will not come from protests and petitions to the media. It will come through Divine revelation, through the Prophet.



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