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January 24, 2020

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Central TexanNovember 17, 2013

I would love to see Peter Jackson direct a movie version of Hart's Hope. (PG-13, of course) I happen to have read Hart's Hope after watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy and kept thinking about the wonder visuals Card provides and how cool it would all look as a movie. It would have to be in at least two movies as well.

Central TexanNovember 17, 2013

I had the same reaction: it was too short. There's not enough time to really understand the personality of Bean, for example. So there are a few lines that we hear ABOUT Bean that we're supposed to understand others think he's smart and the Commanders think he can be relied on, but we don't really know why from what we see. Also, there is too little time to explore the interaction of Ender with the computer game (the other Ender's Game). In the movie it's just something he picks up infrequently and spends little time with, though we see how important it was later on. It could have been four hours for me. I did like the sets and all.

BenNovember 14, 2013

Superb review; I saw the movie and I agree with this 99% However, I believe Ender would more mirror Captain Moroni, not Mormon as Captain Moroni always found a way to win against the odds and Mormon's army was doomed for failure.



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