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February 19, 2020

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KathyNovember 4, 2013

Thank you for your thoughtful help, especially the quote from President Hunter. I wonder if Vickie chose to have no more children. Comments were made about the father; the father was the reason the children now live with Grandma. The article Meridian Magazine has posted today on this subject is very good.

JemaNovember 3, 2013

Buy EMPowerplus Q96 for your daughter... a new and natural way of healing mental disorders. I do NOT believe that any disorder or disease is uncurable. I believe the contrary. I have seen cancer healed, diabetes healed, Crohns healed. I believe this could be a viable option for your daughter. I believe in healing, fully and completely. One just needs to find the right cure.

SylviaNovember 3, 2013

I was married to a man with borderline personality disorder. If you have not personally had to deal with someone with this disorder, you can never imagine the level of chaos they create in every life they touch. There are no drugs that bring it under control; its sufferers are frequently very sexually promiscuous (even those raised in the Church who married in the temple and served missions). I advice would be to not seek help from anyone in the Church who is not a licensed mental health specialist. The worst advice I received and the most damage done came from Church leaders. They mean well but this is totally outside their understanding. Get your help from support groups for the families of the mentally ill. May I recommend The people there have real experience. They have experienced the worst of this. They do not sugarcoat what is happening in their lives. God bless.

DaleNovember 2, 2013

At the risk of asking a real hard question, "Why is this mentally ill woman still having children?" The impression I have been given is that we have not been told the whole story because obviously she is developing personal relationships. The article says nothing of the father of the newest baby. Personally, I would be looking to him for support of the child he fathered. Without more information I don't think there is a clear answer to this.

vickie November 2, 2013

I didnt read the entire remarks on this article..this has to be soo hard and you never know how mental illness is there are so many kinds ..and how it will affect anyone arround...Im sure your daughter didnt ask for this illness but I hope she is getting for the other child..if the first group of children were taken away from her then the rest ought to be also..was she married and if so do the children carry the name of their father..if there was no father then adopting them is just keeping those kids in your family line..otherwise if there was a father they need to have his need some serious support in doing all of this very careful because stress can cause serious illness of any kind on you and your wife..look into all agencies that can help you..but I dont think your daughter should have the child that is with her dont see everything when the doors are closed if she lives by herself or in another place..but if she lives with you already with the other child..then there must be other issues...since yiour daughter is ill like this..she needs to be fixed to not have any more children....I know that sounds awful...but in this case I can see where that would be a health nessecity...God bless you in your delimna...I have had mental illness myself and it runs in my family..major depressive disorder along with anxiety disorder and we each have had it 3 times then its not there but while going through this I didnt take medication and suffered like I cant described and was raising 5 kids and was blessed to have them turn out so well. my mother had it my sisters had it and two of my kids have had mother never said anything to us or discused it .back then people just went into mental hospitals. when I had it n o one went in we went to a shrink and talked. I had to pretend though I didnt have it because of the stigma attached to it. I have come to realize the difference in mood disorder and mental illness. I would always ask why am I not crazy...I kept asking when I would go crazy and they said never. that there is a difference. I am so glad though that now the stigma is sort of being taken off and people can come forward who are suffering so much...but what I had does take you out for the count and you cannot work..functioning as a mother and wife of husband in military was sooo hard....people would look at me and watch me fade away literally...but I had to pretend I was I did that was by the grace of God.

jennifer reubenNovember 1, 2013

take care of yourself please. I am sure you understand how important you are in the lives of so many. Don't try to do it all. You can't. There may be even more grandchildren.

AngelaNovember 1, 2013

How my heart aches for this dear sister and the dilemma she's in. She must feel so torn. Where mental illness is concerned there are no easy or simple answers and the burden must, at times, be overwhelming. I have no counsel or experience to offer her, but my admiration for her and the certainty that she is greatly loved of the Lord.



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