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February 21, 2024

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Chuck WhickerNovember 1, 2013

I see it as a mistake, and a form of idolatry, when we feel we must be so intimately involved in the lives of our loved ones (married children, extended family and friends). Facebook, to me, has nurtured an already idolatrous tendency in the church to establish emotional codependency between us. Everybody is advertising themselves, announcing their great love for all, and seeking confirmation and approval from the arm of flesh. It's best to focus on our relationship with the Lord, and seek to fulfill our individual missions before Him, and stop being distracted with the lives of others. Teach them to seek the approval of the Lord, and serve diligently and quietly within their own sphere, and stop seeking (and giving) such widespread attention, which only builds codependency and the influence of opinions while diminishing the influence of the gospel.

Doug BagleyOctober 31, 2013

I hear this all too often. I was a widower with three children and I married a divorced angel with 6. Then, we were blessed with a youngest son. It doesn't matter how many people are in your family, or if your family contains all natural birth children. Relationships are what we make of them. They happen over time, and we need to use "eternal speak" or "eternal speech". Those are relationship building tones, not scolding, yelling, angry words which the natural man would us. We need to ask about them, find out what's going on in their lives. Doing things together over time is important. Hey, our family gatherings are insane! We now have 10 inlaws, 31 grandchildren, and every individual is important! Having FHE lessons with others, even married children is important. Going to baptisms, hearing children give talks, going to ball games, dance recitals, music recitals is important. Having them over for dinner (home cooked) is important. Going together to a concert, a movie, anything where you can talk in a car is nice. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as important as we might think of us. We need to think of others, even emails, facebook, is a place to comment or get involved. ANY relationship needs work. BTW, my wife and I have been married 29 super wonderful years. And I wouldn't trade any of my children or grandchildren for anything!

Chuck WhickerOctober 30, 2013

I think we idolize our families too much, due to the culture that has resulted from "families are forever." Where the spirit of repentance is absent, this is rebellion. The rebellious are to be cast out, not sought after. When they desire to return, repentance is in their hearts; and that's when they become the lost sheep we are to go after. This is the scriptural pattern. Families are divided, as in Matthew 10:35-38, D&C 86:7. Those who cleave to the rod of iron are then sealed to the Lord to become His family.

Erna Jan Smith Shumway FarrOctober 30, 2013

You have the wrong people coming up when I start to write my name down above. Ena Smith and Lee Messenger was a mistake and was supposed to be deleted from Lee Maxwell Shumway and Erna Jan Shumway Farr's family tree,(LaMarr Farr is my 2nd husband) the church made the mistake, Ena Smith was born in 1791, and my husband was born in 1927, and they had them sealed! I hope you can change it on your magazine, the Church says it is deleted but it keeps coming up! I do have a story to tell, but it is so long and complicated, I needed to know if you want to get involved. It is about two of my sons who married sisters. My oldest son had to divorce his wife, and he got custody of the children. Now the 2nd daughter in law, married to our youngest son, won't speak to us, nor will her parents. Like I said it is a long long story, so maybe you won't want to be involved in it.



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