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February 1, 2023

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freakinoutNovember 5, 2013

Yes Nice writeup.. its depend upon you want you want your relationship its doesn't matter you are doing online or real life dating. online dating website, i have join this & its cool...

Beth TOctober 31, 2013

Faith will see you to great friendships or the Man meant for YOU!!! I think online dating is close to the modern "Mail order Bride/Groom" just much BETTER!!! ^_^

Jason LeeOctober 29, 2013

Well written and to the point. American are now in love with online dating! Jason Lee, Editor - reviews and free trials

Joe WisniewskiOctober 28, 2013

All the best to you Mariah. I have a question though and I mean this seriously. What other kind of dating is there besides online dating? Ok blind dates I suppose apply, but I have never been set up on a blind date (hmmm, maybe that means something.) Surely you are not referring to the .. dances or karaoke? Does dating really emanate from activities like that? I'm willing to try the "pull a name out of the hat" approach. Could that really be any worse than what we seem to experience now? :-) Again, all the best.

JeanneLauree OlsenOctober 28, 2013

Sadly, the one piece missing from your journey was any conversation about involving Heavenly Father in the process. I am sure somewhere in the background there is that foundation, but for something as important as eternal marriage, I would hope it was the first and most reliable source of direction.

ShareeOctober 28, 2013

I have two good friends who met their spouses online (through LDS Mingle). One was a widow who, just as she was about to be released from her mission, borrowed my computer and signed up. That was, I think, in February. She was married by December. That was about eight or nine years ago. They're happily married and just finished a mission as a couple. Encouraged by this friend's success, another friend, whose husband of over 40 years had traded her in on a younger model, decided to try her luck. She also succeeded in finding herself a super husband. Unfortunately, even after several years on that site, I never found anyone and gave up.

Burned BeforeOctober 28, 2013

Just know that there are predators out there. Online dating sites make their job much easier. When someone seems super interested in you for reasons that don't add up, beware. They can also seem too perfect for you to be real - because they are formulating themselves in the moment to appeal to you - I'd say try to meet in person as soon as possible before they can charm you too much in writing. Then, after the first date - you want to meet their friends - it is very telling. They must have genuine close friends they are clearly bonded with who respect them. Then at least you know they are worth your time considering.

Janet RichardOctober 28, 2013

I just have to tell you that as odd as it sounds, this new technology is the perfect way for individuals to meet and get engaged. My daughter moved to the Villages with us last year. She turned down a job with Disney World after we had her in an apartment with other LDS girls, and in a singles ward. I chided her that she was going to be an old maid as all there were in our ward was retired couples! It made her mad enough to check out the LDS singles site. She didn't find anyone of interest until a few pages in. Then she saw him. She apprehensively said "hi" to him and didn't think about it again. The same day he was getting on to delete his account. It is free for 30 days. He saw she said "hi" and contacted her back. Thus began their romance. They texted, called, and skyped before he was able to come down and meet her in person. That was all it took. They were totally smitten. He is a band instructor at a high school in SC. She recently graduated from BYU-I with a major in english. I NEVER would have thought that would be the way she would meet her Prince Charming. But it worked! They were married in the Orlando Temple March 30th! Yay for technology that brings people together. :)

Carolyn AllenOctober 28, 2013

My Virginia born and raised daughter married a wonderful man from ... NEW ZEALAND. She and I both felt strongly prompted at the same time that online dating was the right thing to do. Her husband's Bishop encouraged him at the same time. They had both been through A LOT, and many suitors. It did take faith and courage, and they did live in New Zealand for the first two years. Like all things, online dating is both good and bad an needs to be handled wisely, but in the long and short run, our kids found each other and are very happy. GREAT ARTICLE!!!!! HAVE FUN ONLINE DATING!!!!



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