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January 18, 2022

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BenNovember 11, 2013

The problem with the "survey" method is that they are not surveys. Are results of the surveys tabulated? Are they given to respondents? Is there a research question that the surveys answer? Unfortunately, missionaries who state they are conducting a survey are being dishonest unless they are really participating with researchers of some sort and tabulating results.

Andre PriekunsOctober 29, 2013

Love Brother Covey's suggestions. Having served my mission in New Zealand, I had my fair share of slammed doors. During an Area Missionary Conference, we were encouraged to imagine those we were about to visit with (at their door) standing there with their white clothes on, ready to be baptised. It was a step of faith on the missionaries part. Though this helped, it was hard to get 'junior' companions to have this vision so soon. However, the greatest success came as each companionship lived the mission rules and commandments to the utmost of their ability. Investigators were approaching us in the streets!

DarcyOctober 29, 2013

While my mother was on her mission in Harrisburg, Pa she became very tired of having every door slammed in her face. The Prophet at that time was President Benson who asked the members to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon. She decided to pray and ask the Lord to help her get into doors so she could do just that. She was inspired to ask these questions at the doors after a friendly hello. She then would say "we would like to have your opinion on a very important subject". (They said sure) then she asked 1. Do you believe in God? (They say yes) 2. Do you believe there were Prophet's in Palestine many years ago who recieved revelation from God and recorded it in what we now know as the Bible? (They say yes) She then said "you know there was a civilization on this American continent this same time, Incas and Mayas". (They realize that is true) 3. Do you believe God is the God of the whole world? (Yes) She then would say," In that case wouldn't God be as interested in the people of this continent as he was the people in Palestine and have prophet's keeping records of His words to them"? She then would say, "if these records were found and translated into English would you be interested in reading them"? Everyone they spoke to said YES!! Then they said "we have a copy for you" and presented them with the Book of Mormon. They happily took it and thanked them. Mom wants to thank you brother Covey, for writing this article.

Steve AcevedoOctober 28, 2013

This is brilliant! Without a doubt the old methods of tracting and finding investigators was ineffective. It was like we were pearl divers swimming in swimming pools

JohnOctober 28, 2013

I know "tracting" has poor results. But --- I am one of 1,000 that joined the church this way. It was over 40 yeras ago. I was praying to know which church was right. Hevanly Father heard my prayer, some missionaries were prompted to come to an "off campus" college dorm and taught me the lessons -- on flannel boards. My life is MUCH better!

Alan HatchOctober 28, 2013

You have just made the church into a telemarketing organization with this door approach! When people ask on the phone if I want to take a brief survey, I automatically know that they are trying to sell me something. The few times people have come to my door asking me to take a brief survey, I know that they want to sell me something. The missionaries are sent out to "Preach" the gospel and not to sell it like loathsome telemarketers. Good job!

DarcyOctober 28, 2013

My mother used the same survey door approach on her mission 25 years ago and the door was never shut on her and her companion. Every person they spoke to was eager to be given a Book of Mormon and thanked them for it. They carried several books with them each day and gave all of them away. They began with the question, Do you believe there is a God? Then proceeded with other questions very similar to the questions you have listed here. Because of her idea to do a survey door approach she was an extreamly affective missionary in one of the most difficult mission fields in the U.S.A.

DaleOctober 28, 2013

Another very good article. Faith, good. Boldness, good. Remembering the purpose is to teach, all good. However, if missionaries in Japan attempted to invite themselves in, there would be complaints made and some might even call the police. Since husbands are rarely at home when missionaries contact house to house in Japan, it would be more effective to say, "We are coming back to this area in a week or so to share the results with people in this neighborhood. Could we stop by on a day when your husband is home? How about next week on...." then give a date and a time to come back. That approach is still bold, but more culture-friendly for Japan.



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