February 25, 2021

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Nerida RotheryOctober 15, 2013

The kinds of suffering you mentioned (a Westerner's kind of suffering) already make sense if one tries to see a bigger purpose. But the misery that babies and children are put through as sex slaves and workers starting as soon as they can walk, in mines & brickworks and other places still begs for understanding and purpose. The little ones do not learn to love God by such experiences. Do you think they learn something valuable?

AprilOctober 14, 2013

Sometimes the suffering that wil be for our good and give us experience will not be useful in this life, but in the one to come. That is hard to remember and think about when it is this one that we are trying to get through with courage and dignity. Thank you Wallace Goddard.

Wally BeecherOctober 14, 2013

This article was very helpful - as was Wayne Brickey's book "Making Sense of Suffering." Available from Deseret Book.

Kathleen JonesOctober 14, 2013

Although I have accepted the Lord's plan for my growth and understanding, I have been struggling with how to talk about this with others, especially not of our faith. Thank you so much for this clear, comprehensive and very personal article. If you don't mind, I plan on sharing it with those with whom I have been working to understand this concept.

herm olsenOctober 14, 2013

You're a great man, made even better by a great woman and by the grace with which you bear your own personal crucible. Bless you! H

LaRue BroughOctober 14, 2013

Thank you for this comforting article. It came in a time of great need. It gave me a renewed perspective. It is difficult to maintain an attitude of gratitude in prolonged suffering. May God bless you in your trial.

Christine ShawOctober 14, 2013

As I await an operation on my husband for a nearly discovered glioma I am made aware how much belonging to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ means to me. Thank you for this timely and prescient article. I wish all continued blessings on you and yours, and look forward to your next article.

Shauna BroderickOctober 12, 2013

Thank you for this honest and personally vulnerable article. God bless you as you continue your personal tutorial in the "fellowship of the suffering of Christ." You are indeed an example for us all and I am grateful!

R. CleverleyOctober 11, 2013

Excellent article. Thank you. Its hard to make sense of pain and suffering especially at the time, but after the fact it becomes clear. Good luck and God bless you as you go through your own health issues.

Geoff SteurerOctober 11, 2013

This is a beautiful perspective. Wally, thank you for lifting my view above the automatic responses suffering and pain invite in a fallen world. I'm grateful for your voice.



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