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January 24, 2020

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Corinne LSeptember 28, 2013

I was shamed and my brothers were not made accountable nor responsible. However, I was blessed not to behave in these ways. They were. Sadly. These truths are valuable tools for everyone. Thank you for your insights and wisdom.

Brenda Bautista September 28, 2013

Becoming single from a divorce 6 yrs ago changed my life drastically. Married for 24 yrs, out of the dating world for 25. Dating has undergone extreme changes. Married men think it's okay to lie about their marital status and flirt & date women who are not their wives. After the painful experience of unknowingly becoming involved with a married man I decided to hold a male accountable for his actions. I let each male know that if he was truthfully single he hadn't anything to worry about. However, if he was in fact married or in a committed relationship, I would gather evidence then send it to the woman in their life as well as their Military Commander. These men would go on lying to & hurting other women with no accountability. Most likely some still are doing it. I wanted to make them really think about how it felt to be caught in their hurtful deceit even if only once.

heatherSeptember 28, 2013

Thank you! I'm still trying to use these principles w my stepson, but every day he makes it a challenge.

Becky S.September 27, 2013

Exactly! And I do agree these principles work with my daughters too. Thank you.



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