January 21, 2021

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CharSeptember 17, 2013

I am a new convert to the church and attended many other denominational services over the years, where the focus of the service was collecting money, a non Christ song, which was often on a big screen and no one knew the tune...then a tiny sermon of 10-15 minutes on a single scripture often accompanied by a video..and then off we go after the 45 minute service. The LDS church is truly a different world. The spirit resides in every service, most speakers exude the spirit of the Lord, all 3-4 hymns are scripture based, prayer begin and end each service ..and on an on I could go. And then I get to go to Gospel lesson and then Relief Society where more scriptural lessons (most mentioning Christ) round out the amazing day. I think life long Mormons really don't realize what us newbies see..while not perfect every Sunday, it is truly the Lord's Church. I Pray I will continue to recognize and appreciate the presence of the Lord's spirit at every service as I endure to the end in this Church. I have been soooo blessed to discover this church that has NO paid pastors, where all the money I donate goes to the Lord's work, where missionaries of all ages give years of their life to spread the Gospel (without pay)..What a blessing to be here.

Dennis ESeptember 16, 2013

Sandra, I have to disagree with your disagreement. Here's our program for this past Sunday:Opening hymn: Master the tempest is raging: ( all about Jesus Christ)Invocation: offered in the name of Jesus ChristSacrament: This of course is THE center and purpose of the meeting and anything else is peripheral so the meeting is Christ automatically "Christ centered"Youth speaker: among other things, bore testimony of Jesus ChristReturned missonary: told of sharing the plan of salvation with a Cambodian family that had recently lost a son tragically and reported how the message of the their eventual reunion with their son thanks to Jesus Christ's atonement brought them great comfort.Duet: If the Savior Stood Beside MeFinal speaker (High Councilman) Spoke on Faith in Jesus ChristFinal Hymn: Be Thou Humble (in thy weakness, and the Lord ((Jesus Christ)) thy God shall lead thee..Final Prayer offered in the name of Jesus ChristGranted, there are often talks that discuss topics other than Jesus Christ, but this meeting was not untypical. One has to recognize the centrality of the Sacrament and the hymns as well as the talks. If every talk were always all about Jesus it would be great, but we would also miss the opportunity to discuss many other vital topics that, while secondary to the Savior's life and mission, are still important. Respectfully D. B. E

Sandra L.September 16, 2013

I have to sadly disagree with box #1: 100 % of Sacrament meetings focused on Jesus Christ. For me, that would only be true if the article is referring to the sacrament service part of sacrament meeting. I have attended church in several places on 3 continents this year and find that the problem that exists in my Utah ward is prevalent in those places as well: our speakers do not routinely focus on Christ. I can go weeks without hearing Jesus' name mentioned except during the sacrament prayers and at the end of the other prayers (and in some hymns). My experience also includes Relief Society meeting (several Lorenzo Snow lessons have no mention of the Savior) and Sunday School. I have even attended a Ward Christmas party where Jesus was not referenced in any way. It seems we talk mainly about behavior with a few scriptures sprinkled in. I'm always happy for General Conference time where our leaders do preach of Christ. Do other readers have similar experiences?



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