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February 1, 2023

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jennifer ruebenSeptember 3, 2013

Strongly agree with your points. However, it is often a losing battle when the family atmosphere and other parent supports immediate and physical action. love to hear your thoughts on how to change generations of "hands on" parenting

TomSeptember 3, 2013

Thanks for reminding us to love the way the Savior loves.

JeffSeptember 3, 2013

Bro Goddard: What a great article and a point well taken. IN fact, if we start out on a journey with a map that is faulty, then we will end up in a different place than we had hoped. If we go through life with the wrong perception of why we are here, then we will definitely end with our ladder leaning against the wrong wall. If for example, we believe that life is a test and we are here to save and perfect ourselves and earn our place in God's Corporate KIngdom, then we will live our lives in anxiety and stress and climbing ladders of Position seeking and power seeking and seeking for the praise of our leaders and even God, and we will be totally self focused and self-centered in seeking our own self righteousness - which is what Israel has always done, and yet never found righteousness, because they sought it through the "Law" and not by Faith in Christ, and hence we will not only never find God and His Righteousness, but we will stumble over the stumblestone of CHrist and reject Him and His offer of Eternal Life, and we will destroy most of our relationships with others and with God in the process of trying to make our selves righteous and important. The perception that LIfe is a test or threat or proving grounds was suggested by Lucifer and most of us have been languishing under the hellish effects of that perception all our miserable lives. That's what happens when we start out with the wrong perception of our purpose of life, and then teach that to our children and everyone else we meet at church and school and elsewhere. THanks much Jeff



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