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March 28, 2023

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TONY ARKELLAugust 1, 2013

In 1995 I contracted cancer of the penis.It was removed to save my life.I shut down emotionally for 2 years before seeking help.It took a further 2 years to get us back to where we could communicate to each other how & what we felt.Although there is no longer a sexual life for us there is a stronger love between us than I could have thought possible. We have just celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary & we still talk about the sexual times that we shared all those years ago & we smile,kiss,hug & carry on with the washing up.

ReginaAugust 1, 2013

Thanks for tips on being a husband / wife "whisperer" ;-)

SarahJuly 31, 2013

George, if you go to Laura's website, she has a forum ( well, 4 in fact) where LOTS has been discussed!! If you also do a search for lds sex forums, there are a few on the net and you will see members are talking about this stuff....just not on a Sunday! On Laura's site, check the left column and click ' forum 1, 2 etc) Or any of her articles and there are usually comments below them from people sharing their experiences. Jump on the band wagon.

GeorgeJuly 29, 2013

Finally I can find a person who speaks openly about all this things! I'm married but when you speak with other people from the church it seems that sex doesn't exist at all! Please, continue giving good advice in this topic that is almost missing, and nobody wants to talk about it...!

Not aloneJuly 26, 2013

It's the 6th item on the list for me. Wish I didn't harbor the feeling. Makes me feel shallow and worldly. But that's what keeps me at a distant arm's length. Any advice? (Tried addressing it openly and honestly once. It devastated her heart. Don't want to do that again.)

RosieJuly 26, 2013

FINALLY! I'm so glad to see an article about this! I'm so sick of hearing that men always want it and women aren't interested. It's always been the opposite in my marriage. My husband laughed at me about it early in our marriage and made fun of me so I just resigned myself to waiting until he was ready. At least it was worthwhile when he finally got around to being interested once a week or so. Now that I'm postmenopausal I don't care as much about waiting. But it still makes me sad.

notallaboutsexJuly 26, 2013

I'm really tired of seeing articles about interest in sex as being part of the marriage relationship. While it's important, it is not everything marriage is about. Someone please write an article about "when the man's plumbing just doesn't work."

thebigsamoanJuly 26, 2013

It used to bother me when my wife made excuses or simply not in the mood. But now that I'm at the point where I'm mostly not interested anymore, things are interestingly different. Less worry, less stress, sleep better, and I'm not fidgeting or complaining a bit. She still loves herself and I'm fine with that even if I'm not sexually attracted to her as often as I did before.



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