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June 2, 2023

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Diane KunkelJuly 26, 2013

Well-written and needed. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs and being pro-active in letting them be known. I also appreciate your desire to be charitable...this approach always works better. Thank you for this article.

George A. FarhnerJuly 26, 2013

Some people believe that ALL words are equal. However, they fail to realize that ideas are formed from the mental boundaries that contrasting words create. Ideas rule the world.....people implement them ! Which ideas do YOU CHOOSE will YOU APPLY them for good or evil ? !

Carol July 26, 2013

What an excellent, informative and perhaps life changing article. I was often made to feel guilty about my LDS view of marriage, because it would hurt others. I forgot the best advice I ever heard: "Don't tell others they are wrong, just tell them, with all sincerity, how much you love what you know and practice. No one can argue with a testimony" Thanks for the article.

BobJuly 26, 2013

Well shared - I particularly appreciated your personal experience in the Prop 8 rally and its aftermath - great model of taking a moral stand with great compassion and charity for all. You have modeled the "razor's edge" we need to walk in loving the sinner and hating the sin. (See Elder Holland's talk "Israel, Israel, God is Calling" Sept. 2012)

JohnJuly 26, 2013

Thanks for this well prepared and reflective article on your experiences over the past years. Your summary was spot on, "... if others genuinely feel that religious believers are also deeply committed to the principle that

AnnaJuly 26, 2013

Very thoughtful article that provides important suggestions. As we see conditions deteriorate in our nation and society, we should remember that "a soft answer turneth away wrath" and that the savior counseled us to "resist not evil." I believe He was suggesting that we make honest efforts to dialogue with those who disagree with us, that we unfailingly try to show kindness and compassion, that we lead with wisdom and example and not stoop to name-calling and mud-slinging. Tough to do in an invective-filled world where civil interaction seems to be declining.

Atalie Van DamJuly 26, 2013

Thank you for this article. I also appreciate your work and labors in protecting traditional marriage. I haven't had cable for many years and recently subscribed. I can't believe how many programs are geared towards homosexuals. Needless to say, my home will once again be cable free. Keep fighting the good fight and know that there are many that stand with you.



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