February 24, 2021

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Perhaps-a-future-missionaryJuly 18, 2013

With a satchel or a side bag, missionaries who need to ride bikes can always have the strap going across their chest :) that way the bag can be out of the way :)

L. CasablancaJuly 15, 2013

My experience as a mission mom says backpacks are less likely to get stolen since they are strapped on two shoulders. If properly used they are also more balanced for the back, so less back problems.

LindaJuly 15, 2013

I wonder if the backpack issue is in response to the terrorist attacks in Boston. The way the missionaries pack them full, they might look suspicious. And they do look terrible with a suit! =) Remember those flat racks that you could bungie your books onto? Maybe they will become popular again!

justyouandmetalkingJuly 15, 2013

She ask a good question for bike areas!!! A shoulder bag could cause accidents since it will have the possibility of swaying or moving around as you turn or stop... Especially if done suddenly for safety...

Candice LeeJuly 15, 2013

Won't riding a bicycle without a backpack make carrying things a lot more difficult?



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